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Yogita Om

Yogita has been giving sessions for 13 years now, and since 6 years ago she started receiving invitations to share her unique technique trough workshops in both Brazil and Europe.

Originally she learned the technique of Ayurveda Yoga Massage, by Kusum Modak, which is the basis of her work but throughout the years her sessions became more considered as a Holistic Massage, as she works from her intuition and senses, seeing the individual as a whole. 
Yogita has devoted her life to meditation and awakening over the last 16 years, participating in retreats all over the world.

- Norway @ Dharma Mountain

We are always thrilled to host Yogita here at the Dublin Holistic Centre as her results are incredible. 
Always. Always. We receive emails from clients, whom after a treatment with Yogita write to inform us about their experience. 
'No other massage has ever come close'. People feel relaxed, their muscles have been massaged but the ease they feel, burdens lifted, grief held - and it's hard to explain - it truly is, without sounding like airy fairy massage pushers - if you are exhausted, worried, anxious, tired, burnt out, or truly wish to surrender all your worries, we invite and encourage you to book with Yogita ... the Dublin Holistic Centre, Helen Lambe, Director


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