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Uta Kaiser

I am a Shiatsu practitioner trained in Berlin and Dublin with 8 years experience working with people from all different walks of life. Most clients I can help well with my work come with muscular pain, experiences of grief, anxiety and other emotional issues, physical tiredness and insomnia and often a feeling of loss of direction in life and in need of compassionate support.

Shiatsu helps me on many levels in my life and I’m passionate about offering this deep and yet non invasive treatment form to anybody in need of good supportive touch, relief from pain and a wide range of discomforts.

I am assisting on Shiatsu practitioner trainings with the Dublin School of Shiatsu and am currently training to become a Shiatsu teacher.

As a certified Scaravelli inspired yoga teacher I’m offering small classes with a lot of individual attention to each student. This relatively unknown approach to yoga changed my long previous yoga practice profoundly about ten years ago when I met Margaret Hardman in West Cork and her teachers, Sophy Hoare and Diane Long. All of the three are deeply dedicated to teaching Scaravelli inspired yoga as authentic as possible and bring their own explorations to their classes. Workshops and one to one sessions with them are invaluable sources of learning for me. My Scaravelli yoga teacher training with Bill Wood in Bristol deepened my understanding of that approach to asanas and taught me to embrace patience, curiosity and trust in the wisdom of the body and its infinite possibilities of releasing and I bring all that to my classes. Through my students I learn a lot about curiosity, passion, doubts, different ways of teaching....

My work is deeply influenced by traditional and modern interpretations of Tibetan Buddhism, my own practice of Loving Kindness and Mindfulness Meditation and a deep love of nature, especially the sea, and I bring a grounded sense of space into both my Shiatsu and Intuitive massage sessions as well as into the yoga classes.


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