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Selena Ardelean

My name is Selena Ardelean. Born in Romania, I emigrated to Belgium to follow my husband in 2004. Wife, mother of three young boys (of a cat and a dog as well), entrepreneur, seasoned certified leadership and culture shock coach, motivational speaker, teacher, trainer, best-selling author, igniter of sprakles, enhancer of light, healer, crystal healer, Love Method assistant, Access Consciousness Bars facilitator and so much more.

I know now I am an infinite being living in an infinite world of possibilities! And this makes me infinitely happy!

I follow Joy across the worlds. I empower people to walk in confidence towards their true self, aware-able-aligned. I embrace my energetic healer abilities. I welcome my love for crystals and their delicate, yet powerful magic. I travel to the Spirit world in shamanic trance journeys. I partner with my healing dragon. I write books, I paint... and I receive. everything comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory!

On a personal note: I encourage you all to have your Bars run. Moreover, I encourage you to gift the Bars to your children and teenagers. Open the doors to infinite possibilities for them as well. Now, your turn:

What would it take for you to be aware and open to infinite choice and infinite possibilities? What contribution, space, energy, consciousness can you be for this world to become a better place, for you to become more, be more, have more, change more, shine more?

How does it get any better than this? 


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