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Rebecca Naughton

I have always loved nature, cooking, health and getting to the root of a problem. 

Always being curious for an alternative solution to solving a problem has led me to explore different healing modalities, currently studying nutrition and a strong interest in the body-mind connection. 

My passion lies in an integrated approach to understanding and treating the body, mind and spirit. Health to me is a combination of eating what is right for your body, different forms of movement and exercise, understanding the self, creativity, doing things that nurture oneself and ultimately living a life that you are being true to yourself. 

Through energy work, I like to help people gain clarity, recognise any issues that are holding them back and to realise their own potential by reconnecting with themselves. Each person has different passions, interests and ways of learning and it is important to get back in touch with what they are to live a fulfilling life. 

I am attuned to Reiki but work intuitively. Each healing treatment is individual to the person and involves hands-on healing, but also working beyond the physical body on the person's energy field (aura). I create a calming, peaceful space for my treatments to take place in and incorporate natural elements such as crystals and flower essences that I am guided to choose for the person to help whatever issues that are arising. 

Reasons why people come for a treatment: 

-Feel like something is missing in their life, but not sure what 
-Feeling disconnected from yourself, others and situations around you 
-Lacking direction, feeling frustrated, indecisive 
-Anxiety, lack of sleep, insomnia 

If you have any queries regarding treatments, rates or availability, then please do not hesitate to call or email.


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