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Mona Sato

Mona has trained as a Bowen Technique Practitioner at the European College of Bowen Studies in London. She is an member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA).

She was a Beauty and Spa therapist in a prestigious club in Hong Kong and a spa therapist and massage therapist in a 5 star hotel since 2000. She has studied Sport massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy in which she qualified in Ireland in 2003. 
Mona discovered the effectiveness of The Bowen Technique first hand when she received treatment in 2010 for an overstretched arm used to prevent a fall. The successful outcome of the treatment intrigued her and led her on to train in the technique herself. 

Bowen treatment is given through light clothing and is very gentle and non-invasive. For most people, Bowen treatment appears to ‘un-block’ the repair and recovery process, prompting and assisting the body to use its own built-in resources to recover, repair, restore, balance, integrate or realign itself. 
Pain relief and recovery of energy are common responses to Bowen. People consistently find the experience of a treatment to be exceptionally relaxing. 
An appointment lasts about 45- 60 minutes. The immediate effects of a Bowen treatment continue for a number of days afterwards as the response develops. For this reason, appointments are usually one week apart. But there are some instances where clients can or should have repeat treatment within the space of 7 days. For example, in the case of re-injury, pregnancy, terminal illness/palliative care and any form of brain damage especially stroke victims, treatment can be given more often where practical. 
A response to Bowen will be apparent within one to three or, maximum, four treatments. If more treatments are needed, they are undertaken with the knowledge that Bowen is resolving a problem.  
Bowen practitioners have observed that approximately 80% of their clients do respond to Bowen with significant improvement or complete resolution of their complaints. This makes Bowen a very time-and cost-effective treatment option. 
*The Bowen Technique is not a substitute for medical treatment. The information contained in this website is given for your information and is not intended to replace guidance from your doctor or other suitably qualified medical professional who should be contacted for advice if you have any health concerns.


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