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Mike Mannix


Reiki is an excellent aid for pain, stress and sports injuries. The deep relaxation reached during a Reiki treatment helps to soothe pain, anxiety and loosen the affected area, resulting in quicker recovery. Reiki is also an excellent therapy for exam stress, insomnia and anyone preparing for a high pressure event or sporting occasion. Reiki is highly effective in dealing with a lack of confidence, and issues of self doubt which may result in poor performance. 
Many professional sports people incorporate Reiki into there lifestyles such as Rugby players, football players, golfers etc. Some famous examples are Olympic double medalist 'Hayden Roulsten', New York Giants footballer 'Charles Way'. The worlds most famous dancer 'Michael Flatley' stated, "doctors said I couldn't dance for sixty days but Reiki healed me in four". Many other celebrities have regular Reiki treatments to help deal with their often hectic schedules such as 'Davina McCall, 'Nicole Kidman', 'Angelina Jolie' and 'Macey Gray' to name just a few.  

The Japanese approach to stress management and relief, works on the premise that, pain, discomfort or disease of the mind and body, are as a result of the bodies bio energy or 'Ki' (pronounced chi, in chinese) becoming stagnant or sluggish (Stasis) and unable to flow properly. The way that an individual thinks, their "thought energy" can create 'brain stress' that affects the way they feel, 'heart stress', which in turn affects the flow of the bodies 'Ki" that can lead to mental and physical disharmony. 
By re-balancing the flow of Ki energy, with positioned hand techniques (Tenohira) placed gently around and above the body, or on the affected area, enables the body to alleviate the effects of stress, pain and inflammation, leading to harmony and balance that will rejuvenate, invigorate mind and body. 

'Kikoh Reiki is more than a treatment, more than a business, more than a studio. It’s a way of thinking, of being, of becoming. It’s a responsibility to oneself and to your true nature. It’s a way of life.  
Mike is an active teacher and leader in the field, with eight years of professional service on three continents. He is progressively creating the current definition of a Reiki treatment and how a Reiki training programme should be delivered. Mike believes in intuitive simplicity over orthodoxy in all levels of traditional Japanese Reiki. Mike focuses on providing both his pupils and clients with the latest, cutting edge scientific findings and studies into bio energy, new thought dynamics and their own innate human potential. 
He honors, and has a deep respect for, Usui Mikao's original philosophy,

Be your very greatest


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