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Marion Mitchell

I’ve trained in a multitude of modalities and techniques that are proven to help with everything from stress and anxiety to performance and self-esteem. Whether you’re striving for a promotion at work, seeking balance in your personal life or attempting to overcome your limiting beliefs or are just feeling tired and stressed out, my coaching services can fill you with the confidence and self-assuredness to take risks and pursue your dreams ( or even just help you work out what your dreams are.... )

Get a Life (Coach) 
Are you Stressed? Feeling Stuck? Always making plans but not following through or not sure where to start If you’re ready to start thinking about YOU, I can help, and if you are one of those people who feel they should be focused on others rather than themselves.... Remember  how we are  feeling has a direct impact  on those around us. 
With a Background of over 25 years in Coaching and Human Resources, I understand People and organisations. Through my own personal journey I  explored many  alternative ways to get results.  When something works for me I am always curious to know more and this has led me to training also in  Eating Psychology, Reiki, Gaia, EFT and NLP.   

I offer a truly holistic approach. We start with a discussion to establish what is going on in your life and what you would like to work on.   I then offer a carefully tailored programme designed specifically for you.  I have worked with people from all walks of life and in my experience we are all very similar with  similar needs and wants.

Companies I have worked for include the BBC, BP Diageo, HMH, BNY Mellon, Tesco among many others including new company start ups, entrepreneurs, Stay at home Mums, Teenagers,  Therapists, Doctors and other Health Practitioners  I can help you develop the confidence, skills, beliefs and energy to make changes and live the life you want. Everyone experiences challenges in their life – the key is how you react and respond to them. Many of us are also quiet happy but want to do so much that we end up doing very little. My coaching combines professional support, coping strategies, a wealth of advice and support with mind body therapies to help you discover what truly makes You happy.

I trained in Reiki over 20 years ago in Ireland the Uk and USA, I have reached level 3 which is the teaching level. I have also trained in Gaia another form of energy healing using the earths rays. I often combine both depending on what the client needs I have regular treatments as personally I feel it “puts me back together again” I also use it on my pets who absolutely love it and even the farm animals if they are sick Animals respond very well to energy healing.  

Sometimes we need to move from the left hand side of our brains to the right hand side where logic and rational do not prevail. As part of your personal prescription we may decide to move you out of your head by doing some energy balancing, EFT, Reiki, or a good old foot massage with my hand made herb infused Pink Duck natural creams. 

I have a pick and mix approach, I can meet with you and together we can decide what's right for you or you can pick one or more of my offerings, remember the secret of getting ahead is getting started. 

I look forward to meeting you
Marion Mitchell


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