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Katrina Brady

Since a young age, I felt as if there was more to existence than the physical world. 

I imagined an invisible world that overlapped ours. I suppose it was a way to place my experiences within some sort of framework. It wasn't until I was in my early twenties that I realised that the invisible was spiritual; my experiences weren't merely childish make-believe. 

This specifically happened when I was traveling India in 2010 that I first came upon Reiki. Through a university program, I worked with community astrologers and healers, all of which were Reiki Masters. They encouraged me to pursue Reiki education. When I returned to my home-city of Philadelphia that summer, I enrolled in my first Reiki class. 

Immediately, I was entranced by its subtle healing power and continued through all three levels, eventually becoming Reiki Master & Teacher in 2011. Being able to feel energy and see its continuous work throughout all aspects of my life (and eventually my students lives) made me want to learn as much as I could about it and other modalities. I went on to learn Integrated Energy Therapy®, and quickly went through the three levels, eventually becoming a Master/Instructor in 2013. Additionally, in 2013, I went back to India to conduct field research within local Reiki community centres, and also obtained another Mastership there. Through that experience, I witnessed first hand the powerful healing that can happen when doubt and expectation are put aside. 

Since my initial experience with Reiki and I.E.T.®, I have travelled across the world. After leaving the States, I have lived, taught, and healed both in the Republic of Korea, India, and more recently, Ireland. I attribute the massive redirection in my life to the transformative healing powers of energy work, as it effortlessly helped me realise my soul’s path and gave me the confidence to follow it. 

My Reiki sessions and classes reflect my experiences with both traditional and Indian practices, and also my own academic field research that I conducted whilst in India. I integrate my experience and knowledge into my healing work, so that I may give my clients a unique and personalised treatment every time. 

Integrated Energy Therapy® is a powerful healing technique that uses higher spiritual energy, or angelic energy, to release emotional blockages from the aura. It is an excellent way to better understand personal emotional patterning, such as with issues concerning stress and anxiety. 

For more information, feel free to continue to: http://www.integratedenergytherapy.net/iet_explained.htm

Currently, I offer Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy® healing sessions. I am also available to privately teach Reiki 1 and the basic level of Integrated Energy Therapy®, and hold the intention of running I.E.T.® workshops next year. 

Please do not hesitate asking me any questions at all about Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy®, or myself!


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