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Karen Moore


Relationship Coaching, Tantra Coaching & Meditation and Workshops Connection, healing & transformation; living the life you desire through conscious breath, tantra and coaching. 

For the last decade I have been guiding and supporting individuals and couples in the UK, Ireland and South Africa to reconnect & reawaken sexual/life/creative energy, bringing a chance to connect to what it is that our hearts deeply desire, and opportunities to better understand if and what might be holding us back from experiencing fulfilment in integral areas of our lives. 
Tantra is about returning to our essence nature, that part of ourselves that is unchanging. Living from there. I am a certified Tantra Teacher and combine Tantric meditation, bio-energetics and coaching in my unique essence of facilitation. There are vast, unexplored worlds within consciousness, which you can only sense and feel and explore and merge with if you're sensitive enough to notice that those realities are there, all around and within each one of us. 
Tantra is exploring and embracing these worlds, without and within. And when we explore those realms within ourselves, then we can also sense them in another. Our relationship to ourselves is connected to pretty much everything: how alive we feel and comfortable we are in our own skin, how rooted we feel in our bodies, our understanding of who we are beyond the physical, our attitude towards pleasure, our ability to give and receive love freely and how deserving we feel, to name but a few. It's so worth diving in, and you are so warmly welcomed in to this space, regardless of your background, age, gender or sexual orientation


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