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Johanna Ryan

Johanna is a proud graduate of P.T.T.I. http://www.pilatesteachertraininginstitute.com/ Coming from a background of Anatomy & Physiology, Tango and a love of both wholesome movement and food, Johanna will be teaching Pilates in a slow paced, safe and effective fashion. Her main concern is technique and that those attending the class push themselves within their specific limits and really understand how to use the body.

Johanna is inspired by how Pilates heals and re-educates the body. The entire body is trained during each session. There are many perks to consistent Pilates training. Pilates is excellent for body awareness, helping us to coordinate and understand our movement and correct posture over time, not to mention the aesthetic benefits (but that's not what we're in it for...right? ;)). Many people start Pilates to 'tone their abs' which is great but they stay and fall in love for how amazing it makes them feel. "I love how focused each movement is but somehow we can still get lost in the class, which is very relaxing and rewarding"

Johanna started Pilates in order to rehabilitate after an injury she contracted. She had tendonitis in both of her wrists and the pain started to travel up her arms and into her neck. Described as chronic and having symptoms such as headaches, stiffness, pain, loss of movement to name a few, she was at a loose end. Johanna plays violin and leads a very active lifestyle so this set back was a major inconvenience. Through Pilates she began to find realease in her neck which, amazingly, travelled down her arms to ease her wrists, she was very surprised but did not dare to question it as the benefits were too good. She was quickly hooked and began to study. “I got to know more about my own biomechanics and how I could ease the tension in my neck by strengthening my core and getting all of my muscles working efficiently/synergistically again in a controlled, professional environment. I just want to know everything about the body and how to help people. That is why I am currently studying Neuro-Muscular Therapy as well as teaching Pilates”.

Johanna's advice "Stick with it. It's super easy to get hooked and effortlessly make it a part of your routine, especially with before work and lunch time offers available. I always do at least two classes a week, outside of my own practice and the classes I teach because I would simply miss it if I didn't and wouldn't feel as good. Johanna is looking forward to getting to know you beginners out there and helping you through your early journey in Pilates." 


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