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Jen Diaz Green


Satori Reiki 

Having had a few energy healers in my family history and in my background, I grew up with a strong belief in the healing powers of energy and Reiki. In 2009, I was initiated as a 7 Rays Energy Healer by a Shaman in Barcelona and I formally started training as a Reiki practitioner in 2010 and straight away I started volunteering in a day care centre called Open Heart House. 

My passion for Reiki grew and a year later I started my own Reiki practice. I took a break when my kids were born but once they were old enough, I decided to continue training and started practicing again. This time the energy I was feeling in every session was so much stronger and my intuition sharper. 
My maturity and life experience brought my practice to another level. 

That’s when I set up my own business: Satori Reiki. My Reiki practice is to the highest professional standards as well as empathetic and soulful. I strive to give my clients a relaxing yet powerful Reiki session where they can relieve their stress, reconnect with their essence, balance, wellbeing and restore their health levels. When the energy field of a person is balanced and the energy flows naturally, they feel energetic, ecstatic and they are able to unlock their creativity to pursue and achieve their life purpose with greater ease. That is my goal.

During 2017, I've trained in and researched extensively the power of crystals and their valuable addition to energy healing and Reiki. In 2018, I'm thrilled to introduce Aura Reading + Healing to my therapies. Aura Reading is a form of psychic reading based on information obtained from your energy field or Aura. The reading makes the client become more aware of patterns, agreements and issues that help the client become more aligned with their life purpose and more connected with the higher self. The healing aspect of the reading is the alignment and balance of energy in the aura and the chakras as well as the release of blocked energy.

For more information and for bookings, please check my website or contact me (Jen) with any questions.


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