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Eugene Banks

Hi, My name is Eugene Banks. I've been practicing T'ai Chi for about 15 years and am a qualified instructor with the Irish T'ai Chi Chuan Association 

I practice every day and attend classes twice a week which always include some elements of meditation. I find that the exercise and meditation provide me with the skillset and tools to deal with stress, pressure of work, life experiences and whatever else happens to land in my lap. My focus is very much living in the now and am quite happy to share that experience with my students. My teaching style is based on the principles of explain, demonstrate, participate and refine.

Each person's energy is unique to that person and I will work with each individual so that everyone gets maximum benefit from each class. I am a firm believer in the idea that a T'ai Chi class needs to be an enjoyable experience and participation is as important as perfection!!! 

I am also a qualified energy treatment therapist. Quantum Coherence Therapy is (or QCT for short) is an energy-based healing therapy which can be received either as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with other treatments. QCT practitioners have learned to raise the vibrational frequency of their energy fields to a therapeutic level. During a QCT session, the practitioner places his/her highly vibrating energy field beside the client’s energy field. 

This process enables the client to raise the vibrational frequency of their own field and thereby make their field stronger and healthier.


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