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Corona Brady

Let me tell you a story about strength… 

Growing up in Ireland – in your typical Irish-Catholic family – I (thought) I knew what strength was. To my child’s eyes it looked like bull-headed authority. Or hardening against it. It was born out of love but tinged with fear, sacrifice and hardship. As a young girl the only strength I knew required me to push down spontaneous feelings, choke down dreams and brace myself against the inevitable pain in life. 
For a highly empathic person, the gift of sensitivity and the ability to tune into feelings and thoughts of those around me was not a blessing, but a curse. Naturally, and in order to ‘make something of myself,’ and ‘fit in’ — I did what it took to be strong. And in the process my light dimmed down. The funny thing is, my childhood wasn’t particularly tragic or even awful. It was actually quite ‘normal’. There were happy times for sure. But underneath the normality, my body received lessons in tightening, resisting, pushing or suppressing my innate empathy. My mental chatter got the better of me, and my soul was too scared to speak up, through or for me. 

I’m Corona Brady. Today I embody a very different type of strength. 

My life’s work is to help you do the same. Without ever having the words for it, I was the girl who grew up to be a woman unconsciously pursuing a masculine-brand of strength. Being told you’re ‘too sensitive’ can do that to someone. But my wanderlust saved me. Through my adventures and quests I eventually followed the inner nudges that led me to Australia. It was here that I started to ground and connect to my own energy. Through working with energy and trusting my intuition, it became clear my soul is ultimately stronger than all of my fears and forced-power-plays put together.  

The truth? To learn my soul’s language meant un-learning virtually everything I’d been taught or come to believe about power. It takes an under-modelled courage to unfurl in your raw, radiant femininity. And I’ve reached a place where I can lead you to discover your divine power. Which really means I know how to lead you home. Whether she knows it or not the woman who stumbles onto my site (Welcome!) is seeking power. When a woman comes into my world she’s usually hungry for something she can’t even explain. Maybe she’s done everything ‘right’ – like climb the corporate ladder or gotten married and had kids. Maybe she hasn’t. Whatever path she’s on, it looks clear enough, but lacks heart. You can tell your path lacks heart by the emptiness that can’t be filled by trick-laden treats. You can tell you’re starting to awaken when the false flavours and nice-enough distractions no longer satisfy you.

Here’s a snapshot of my soul-trodden territory // Despite an innate attraction to the wild outdoors I began my adult life building a career in banking. 12 years of climbing the corporate ladder, across multiple continents, could not have taken me further away from my soul. The result? I got physically sick. I was diagnosed with severe adrenal exhaustion. My endocrine system completely shut down, resulting in liver damage, constant fatigue, as well as menstrual, hormonal, and blood sugar issues. Add polycystic ovarian syndrome and insulin resistance to the mix and I was left with two choices: medicate and soldier on OR reassess my life. I chose to reassess my life. 

But when I finally built up the courage to leave my corporate job, I was scorned.  

{LIFE LESSON: Honouring your deepest needs may raise some eyebrows.}

 // During the corporate-career building, I sought stress-relief mainly through being the hard-drinking party girl with a penchant for retail therapy. So much of my life was about numbing out and dumbing down the spiritual truths that emerged.  

{LIFE LESSON: Buddha doesn’t (usually) hang out at the pub or shopping mall.} 

// The other way I sought stress-relief was much more wholesome, and ultimately nudged me to where I am today. I found yoga at 21 and have been a student and teacher ever since.  

{LIFE LESSON: What you love is seeking you. Follow the call.} 

// Discovering Kundalini has been the most profound experience of my life. The very first class I knew I would go on to teach it. Learning to chant has literally helped me find my true voice. I even chanted the morning of my wedding (as you would expect, my family thought I’d gone crazy!).  

{LIFE LESSON: Just because you ‘hear the music’, doesn’t mean others will join your dance.} 

// After three years of running a successful health-coaching business, I couldn’t resist the call to go deeper, integrate my sacred knowledge and share my spiritual gifts. When my mentor suggested I’ve been playing small, I could feel the truth of it. So here I am standing in my power, willing and able to help you do the same.  

{LIFE LESSON: Your soul has a plan for you beyond your comprehension.}


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