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Chiara Gianelli Nutrional Advisor


Looking at food, nutrition and the science behind it: that’s a practical and comprehensive approach to food, compounds that can be useful for the body, dietary advice and cooking. I constantly try to relate chemistry and nutrition, searching for the right answer to any doubt with a scientific point of view. 
I always believed that chemistry is a powerful and versatile instrument to make a difference in the world, and being interested in nutrition is just another way of talking about chemistry. 

I have been into chemistry between studies and research for more that 10 years so far. I have gained a BSc and MSc in Industrial Chemistry, studying organic chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology and biology, among many other topics, with a particular attention on the idea of “keeping it real”. In the meantime, I have gained a Diploma as Diet and Nutritional Advisor.  
After years soaked up in chemistry, always keeping a hand in a laboratory, feet in the kitchen, an eye on nutrition texts and breathing in a yoga class, “A Matter of Nourishment” is here to be the place where you won’t find all the solutions but the instruments to support your healthy choices. 

I believe in an approach that considers the whole body and nutrition together with chemistry, medicine and holistic therapies. Nutrition, chemistry, food, cooking techniques, ingredients and recipes.

Nutrional Advice

What is food made of? What happens while cooking? What does food provide to the body? Chemistry is involved not only in the composition of food, but it’s also behind processes such as cooking or storage, metabolic reactions or vitamin absorption, just to name a few. Food has a high chemical complexity that influences all the consequent desired or undesired reactions that may occur. Such a high complex system might be difficult to break down for a useful everyday purpose. That’s where a professional help can be useful. Looking at food, nutrition and the science behind it: that’s a practical and comprehensive approach to food, compounds that can be useful for the body, dietary advice and cooking. 

This comprehensive approach can guide you through nutritional issues, diet or lifestyle changes, doubt explanations, disease-nutrition connections and much more. There can be many different reasons to decide for a consultation. Whether you have disease related issues or you just want to improve your lifestyle, a nutrition consultation will try to help you providing a better understanding of the situation. Nutritional changes can help in case of chronic illness, food intolerance or sensitivity, anxiety, depression, disease, digestive issues, emotional eating and weight loss, just to name a few. Each consultation will be tailored to the client’s individual needs. When required, healthy recipes, ingredients alternatives and cooking techniques will be included to show how eating well and food with high nutritional content can be easily included in the everyday life. 

initial consultation 90 euro 
follow-up 65 euro  
everyday nutrition consultation: 60 euro 
3-month plan: 300 euro 
6-month plan: 550 euro


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