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Bárbara Jorge Valente


With the aspiration to help other humans beings, I graduated in psychology in 2006. Since then I have worked in several areas, some as distinct as criminal investigation.  

However, despite all the logical and scientific information I learned during my studies, and the experience gained through my work, I continued to feel that I was not reaching the answers to my deepest questions. 

The desire to be able to help others, without being dragged by their emotions and energies (I have always been extremely empathetic and sensitive) was becoming increasingly strong. And that is how, in 2009,  I discovered Aura Reading and Reiki, among other energy therapies 

My first Aura Reading was the turning point that changed my life. It brought me answers to some of my deepest questions In the following years I became a Reiki Master. I took an Aura Reading (energy reading) course and I attended several workshops and courses related to holistic therapies. 

Since then I have worked as a teacher and therapist. Recently I completed a Diploma in Life Coaching, something which I have always wanted to explore. Although I believe we are in a constant learning process, I can say that I am a very fulfilled and happy person.


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