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Amanda Collins

I remember feeling connected to all of life as a girl growing up in the Irish countryside.

My chestnut-colored pony Midnight Star was my chariot. We’d hop fallen trees, gallop down mountains and swim in the ocean, reveling in each other and the earth. I’d sing with the fairies of the forest, never questioning the magic abounding. I felt love for all that is! But, like you, I’ve suffered my share of childhood wounds and adult heartbreaks. I moved to the United States when I was just 21, in search of healing and my true self. I loved that you could be and do anything in America. But after getting into a toxic relationship, I realized that we carry old pains and unconscious patterns wherever we go. I examined my beliefs around love, and focused on loving me. When I felt truly content with who I am, my knight and the man I would marry galloped into my life.
 Our relationship would soon be tested after a series of losses. First, my best friend died of cancer. Then like dominoes, my husband and I lost our house, our business and almost our marriage, after a stranger violently attacked me in our home. I reached deep inside to my ‘wild woman’ to literally save my life. From that dark chasm, I surrendered fully to my high self, the Source of all there is, the Universe. Whatever you call it, I learned to flow with life and see its gifts in unexpected wrappings. I came to believe that twenty percent of life is what happens to us and a whopping eighty percent is how we respond. 
Today, I enjoy a more beautiful life than I could have imagined — and I want to help you do the same!


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