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Alyson Mc Evoy - B.A. YTTC, Lomi Lomi Dip.

My experience with yoga & holistic therapies began at the age of 14 years...until yoga became a daily practice in my life a decade later and holistic therapies, monthly.

Yoga is a ‘place'  inside which you are guided to through movement, deep breathing and focussed awareness. It serves to release physical and emotional tension and reconnect with deeper parts of yourself - your intuition, your inner joy, peace, calm and freedom.

Holistic therapies like Lomi Lomi massage, or indeed any holistic therapy, practised with this healing, spacious intent, also connect us with ourselves in such a way as to release tension spontaneously, and to enable the body to regenerate and repair from the inside out.

"The more time we spend in a deeply relaxed space, the more energy and motivation we have for life”


B.A. English Literature & Philosophy  Trinity College Dublin (2005-2009)

Satyananda Yoga teacher  Mandala Yoga Ashram, Wales (2009-2011)

Cert. The Fundamentals of Deep Relaxation  British Wheel of Yoga (2013)

M.A. Art in the Contemporary World (1 year) National College of Art and Design (2013-2014)

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Healing/Massage Dip. Lomi Lomi Ireland School of Healing Arts (2011-2015)

PREGNANCY YOGA, WOMB YOGA & THETA HEALING, FACIAL MASSAGE, EAR CANDLING, HOLISTIC FACIALS are among the other therapies I have experienced, studied and practised. I am about to begin a 2 year Diploma in Ayurveda Studies this September 2016...the learning continues!

“I dedicate my classes and therapies to what I call entering 'A room with a view'. This is entering spaciousness of mind from the matters of life. It is the gift of yoga, meditation and many holistic therapies to help us to find this space. From this space, we reconnect with who we really are, with what we really feel, with the natural health and vitality of our bodies and the joy and love of our hearts. We see the way forward more clearly. It is the journey!”

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