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Alan Flanagan Nutritional Therapist - Nutritional therapist


Alan is a qualified Nutritional Therapist working to assist a wide range of individuals harness the power of nutrition for wellness, fitness and clinical purposes. In addition to his active practise, Alan is also pursuing a MSc in Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey. Alan brings an investigative and logical approach to his nutritional and training work, an approach he keeps sharp as a practicing barrister. 

A member of the Irish Bar since 2009, Alan maintains a legal practice concurrently while pursuing his passion of guiding people in evidenced-based health and fitness. Alan utilizes a positive and supportive approach in helping his clients feel at their best and function at their optimal level. Alan is also Certified Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition, and a Certified Fitness Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association.

Alan's Nutritional Therapy

We all want to function at our best and perform at our highest level. That could be for an upcoming triathlon, hitting a new personal best lift, or to have energy and cognitive performance for professional life. If you're going to achieve peak performance or your specific goal, you need to align all of the factors that will help achieve that goal: your nutrition, training, and mindset. I believe in bringing together research with experience to deliver personalised protocols to help you achieve your goals. Each and every protocol is tailored to the unique needs of the individual. I take a person-centred, results-driven approach. 
 The question you have is, is this for you? If you are highly motivated to achieve a specific goal, this is for you. I work with individuals looking to optimise their nutrition and training for specific health, performance or body composition goals. My process involves specific-timeframe coaching blocks. This is an highly individualised, involved, intensive and collaborative process. This allows me to immediately separate those who are serious about achieving their goals, and pairs me with the type of motivated individuals who can benefit from working with me. My aim is to make our short time together a long-term investment in your performance and health.


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