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Adrienne Kane

I was born and grew up in Ireland, immersed in the rich mystical traditions of my motherland during a period of great social and spiritual upheaval. Since young, I prophetically experienced and intuitively understood the world around me. This made for a challenging childhood as I grew up in a spiritually conservative environment and at time of sectarian conflict. 
Courtesy of the circumstances in which I was raised, there were things I was taught not to question nor assume to understand. With a yearning for adventure and adhering to my inner-calling, my husband and I migrated to Australia in 1990. When our first daughter was born in 1995, the intuitive part of me, which I had learnt to dull in my early years was re-awoken. This awakening brought me on a journey which I have since vowed to never turn away from. Following my awakening I decided to embrace every opportunity offered to me, in order to fully immerse myself in the exploration of the Spiritual traditions worldwide. 
I became an avid reader of world religions, it was during this time that my passion for visiting Sacred Sites was realised. This journey of discovery, learning and integration continued when my husband and I took an opportunity to move the family to Singapore in 2003. This small nation country of Singapore belies its stature by offering numerous opportunities to learn from various accomplished Teachers and Holistic Healers who use Singapore as a transit point as they travel throughout the world.  
Over the past 26 years I have been fortunate enough to study with so many of these highly trained specialists. Do check out My Spiritual Journeys page, where I’ve recounted the various formative courses I have attended and integrated into my current healing practice.


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