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Bella McCormack Currently fully booked 0863965627 bellasmassagetherapy@gmail.com
Sandra Lawes Monday-Friday 0838489114 sandra.lawes@hotmail.com
Aileen Durkan Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 085 751 2886 aileenholistic@gmail.com

WHAT IS A 2 Hour Pamper MASSAGE?
All of your aches and pains will be massaged away in this two hour treatment of total indulgence. From head to toe all your tension and knots will disappear under the skilled fingers of our therapists. The massage will be tailored to your needs and comfort level, leaving you feeling relaxed and so much lighter you might actually float home!

The benefits of Massage

  • The basic goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself and to increase health and well-being
  • Massage benefits both mind and body. It is rare that we take two hours to lie down, close our eyes and just ''be''.
  • Tow hours peace and quiet away from ringing phones or demanding children has a definite restorative effect
  • Aids lymphatic drainage, helps to release toxins.
  • Massage will stimulate blood flow and help the release of those feel-good endorphins that make us feel smiley inside.
  • Touch also conveys a sense of caring, an important component in the healing relationship.
  • Massage can be used to promote general well-being and enhance self-esteem, while boosting the circulatory and immune systems to benefit blood pressure, circulation, muscle tone, digestion, and skin tone.

Almost everyone can benefit from a massage however, please inform your therapist of any present medical conditions (eg; pregnancy, recent operations) or any other conditions that may be contraindicated to massage.

Treatment begins with a short consultation. This is necessary in order to establish if there are any medical reasons/contra-indications why the client may not be suited to treatment. The client will be left to undress in private into their undergarments, once the massage begins the client will lie on a plinth/table covered with towels and blankets except for the area being ''worked'' on i.e. the leg. Oil is used during the massage. In this two hour treatment the full body will be worked on in the utmost professional manner.

Our venue is of the highest standard and does not offer any massage of a sexual nature.

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