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One to One Supervision 
“Reflexivity is the intention to examine one’s actions, active and critical inquiry, openness to alternatives and willing to be vulnerable to try out new ideas” (Neufeldt, 1999) 

Find out more about John Doherty and 1-1 Mindful Reflexive Supervision 

“A mindful approach isn’t always about solutions or fixing problems but ultimately about developing awareness. the highest form of self-actualisation” (Doherty, 2011) 

1-1 Supervision with John provides a safe, confidential space to explore how the work you are engaged in is impacting on you. The impact of the work can be explored physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps to have an objective supervisor to mirror the dynamics of your professional life in order to learn and grow in a professional identity. The supervisor is NOT the expert in your field rather they are there to accompany you in exploring the stresses, strains and dynamics of your work with you. This leads to ongoing professional development and a healthier work-life balance, better management of your psychological energy and a whole range of work related skills. 

Immediate preparation for Supervision 
Are there any crisis/ emergency issues you need to talk about? 
Are there any themes emerging for you in your overall work you would like to review in supervision 
Are there any organizational/training areas? 
What do you want from this session of supervision? For yourself, your clients, your learning? 
Are there any areas of the supervisory contract you want to review/renegotiate? (Adapted from Inskipp and Proctor, 2001) 
What learning objectives would you like to focus on in your Supervision session? 

Some examples other supervisees have chosen: 
To learn how to challenge clients more effectively 
To fine tune my ability to make better focused, clear and energetic presentations 
To formulate a methodology for assessing clients 
To manage more effectively how my work with this group of clients affects me personally and professionally. 
There are skills that can be learned and developed through Supervision; these skills are invaluable to you in your capacity as supervisee and in your job. 
Skills List 
Learning how to Learn 
Learning how to give and receive Feedback 
Learning realistic self- evaluation 
Learning how to reflect 
Learning emotional awareness 
Learning how to dialogue

Consultation Testimonials 
“I was new to supervision but have found the whole process excellent. John provides a grerat space to reflect on my work and helps me unblock the challenges” Victor (Solicitor)

 “Supervision is a great tool, I found myself more able to communicate with my team, manage my time and develop skills I needed as a manager” Miriam (Doctor) 

Why Supervision? Supervision is about learning. “Learning is the changes a person makes in himself or herself that increase the know-why and/or the know-what and/or the know-how the person possesses in respect of a given subject” (Vaill, 1996:21) 

“We consider a supervisee to be anyone of any profession, who brings his/her work experience to another in order to learn from it” (Carroll, 2001)  _______________________________________________________________________ 

What is Supervision?

Who comes to Supervision?

Is Supervision therapy?

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