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This amazingly effective, ground-breaking and quick therapy model was developed by Des Shinnick at his Vivachi NLP – Centre of Health practice in Auckland, New Zealand. The University of Auckland together with Des Shinnick and a team of Medical Professors, GPs and Researchers from Auckland, London, Melbourne, Colorado have conducted a Registered Clinical Trial on the short form Stage 1 process with great success! 
Some GPs have also been trained in the shortened version of the full Shinnick Depression Treatment with a very high success rate. 

What happens during the treatment?  

Imagine learning how you can actually get depressed and how to get out of being depressed in a single 2 hour session. And then knowing you can change how you feel any time all by yourself? How empowering is that? The treatment takes typically between 1 and a half to 2 hours. 

Generally the following is done: 
  • complete client information form 
  • complete depression assessments 
  • complete a broader risk assessment 
  • complete the stage 1 treatment 
  • schedule a follow up  
During the Stage 1 treatment clients are coached through a programme that shows them how to come out of being depressed. They get to practice the process. This is primarily a coaching session.

What do clients normally experience at the end of their session?  

At the end of the first treatment (Stage 1) Shinnick Depression Treatment clients often report feeling lighter, brighter and happier. They’ll usually be very surprised that they are able to move from being depressed to feeling so much better. The process makes sense to them because they’ve been coached through it and experienced how it feels inside as they change this themselves.  

Clients report moving from not feeling in control of their emotions to feeling in control of their emotions. They usually report that on a scale of 1 – 10 before the session they felt like a 3 and after the session an 8.  

Following on from the Stage 1 treatment most clients find other things that had been of concern to them previously are no longer an issue. They often don’t need to have the Stage 2 treatment.

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