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Polarity Therapy is an immediate relief for stress, anxiety, fear or pain. 

What is and how can it help me? 

P.T. is an Integral and natural care system to improve energy balance and maintain good health. Immediate relief for stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, pain and insomnia. P. T. produces a deep relaxation, very quickly, in one session, relieving these symptoms. It helps to make profound changes in habits and life attitudes, essential to maintaining good health... 

What is included in the session? 

The session includes detailed questions about physical and mental health, diet, exercise, health concerns, work and more. The patient lies on a massage table while the therapist scans for imbalances and checks paths of energy flow. The therapist may use a variety of techniques to balance and clear energy field paths. Some of these include twisting the torso, spinal realignment, curling toes, rocking motions and moving the hands along the body's natural energy pathways. Include supportive counseling, deep-breathing exercises, diet changes, stretching and yoga. Diet, yoga, massage and facilitation are the key areas we can address. 

Polarity therapy is a unique and powerful balancing system with techniques aimed at integrating our physical, emotional and mental well-being. It offers individuals a systematic method which promotes self-awareness, vitality, and relaxation. Polarity Therapy is based on the premise that disease or discomfort occurs when our life energy is blocked or is out of balance. The free flow of life energy is necessary for good health and balanced state of being. 

What people say? 

I have had many Polarity sessions with Julian. Each session has been unique to my needs that day. I have left each session feeling balanced, relaxed, and refreshed. I have also learned a little more about myself and my body from each session. I strongly recommend trying P. T. with Julian; he has a deep knowledge of the process which he communicates skillfully. Eva 

Polarity is a unique experience. It has an effect physically and mentally. After a treatment I always feel more balanced and aligned. What I also really like about Polarity is that you receive some home care advice with some recommended lifestyle changes that can empower you in your everyday life. The treatment is deeply relaxing and afterwards I always feel lighter and balanced. I would highly recommend Polarity to everyone. Mairead 

The polarity therapist, Julian’s presence and how he talked to me and explained everything, made me feel very comfortable with the treatment. Julian has huge vision, empathy, compassion and patience. His healing and energy is so inspiring and one must experience his healing to see for themselves. Also my body felt so good and relaxed from his treatment. Benedikta

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