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Since ancient times healers, medicine persons and shamans have understood that true healing is more than “fixing” a physical ailment. They knew that when dis-ease occurred the essence of a person was misaligned and that to be effective in a return to health one must reach into the core of the person to bring about a change toward balance. In these modern times this “core essence” of a person is understood in terms of energy. We know of meridians or “pathways of light” within our body through which energy flows, the auric field which is the energy body that surrounds our physical body and chakras which are energy vortexs that exchange energy with the external world.

In Plant Spirit Healing we work with the “vital principle held to give life” otherwise known as spirit. The conscious spirit of the plant directs the energy allowing healing to take place efficiently and effectively. Healing is a journey that engages our whole being of heart, soul and spirit and is not a linear process but instead follows a spiral pattern. As we spiral through life we periodically reach new understandings allowing healing to reach deeper levels each time filling ourselves more fully with our true essential nature. 

In the session the client is fully clothed on the plinth while the practitioner, using a pendulum and hands, feels for energy blocks in the auric field. The practitioner then directs energy in to the energy centres in the body that are out of balance.
This often leaves the client feeling calm, refreshed and revitalized.  

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