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The benefits of Life Coaching

  • Helps to focus direction
  • Enhancing Communication Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence In Life and Work
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Goals: How to Set Them
  • Thinking Skills
  • Work Life Balance
  • Increasing Self Awareness
  • Eliminating Self Sabaotage
  • Aids in the removal of fatigue.

Clear out what''s not working so you can make room for what you really want, declutter your life!

Could you do more to reach your full potential?

Do you need to make life changes in the following areas: Behavioural, business, career and transitions, confidence and self esteem, fitness and life style, relationships.

Imagine what it would be like to look back in a year and say "I made those changes"

Hiring a personal coach can provide the support and strategy to make that a reality

Make this the moment when you BEGIN to LEAD your life, rather than just living and existing!

We''ve all had goals we want to achieve and an abundance of reasons why we''ve opted to stay nice and safe in our comfort zones. Procrastination stops and progress begins and you will experience the liberation of taking steps towards a new, better life.

As we go about our daily lives, many of us are dogged by feelings of emotional or personal dissatisfaction. We have a nagging sense that there must be more to life than what we are getting. We will never find another way to experience life unless we let go of the way we are used to living, make a turn and start from a healthier foundation. If you are at a crossroads in your career, feeling stuck, or simply want to get out of that rut in some area of your life, We can work with you to find new direction and energy in areas which include:

  • Life/ Personal coaching
  • One to one executive coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Interview coaching
  • Emotional intelligence and your success coaching
Depending on which practitioner you choose, the price may vary and the consult time as most therapist's will charge according to their expertise and the duration of the appointment.

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