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Human Givens Psychotherapy
 Is a modern, talking therapy that offers reliable & practical help in relieving a wide range of emotional & stress-related issues-quickly. It can help you 
; sleep well; feel calmer and be more relaxed ; raise your self-esteem; improve your relationships; reduce the amount of time spent dwelling on the past & manage stress better. It can help treat & relieve: 
Relationship issues and most other conditions that are emotional or stress-related. 

Human Givens Therapy combines approaches to maximising wellbeing, from the East & West. It uses stories, metaphors & draws on ancient wisdom and also uses the power of Guided Imagery (also called visualisation) and modern performance enhancing & motivational techniques. It combines these things with a up-to-date, understanding of the mind/body system from Psychology and Neurobiology. As well as, in many cases, substantially reducing symptoms and distress – quickly, HG Therapists can also as give you tools and techniques to help you to manage your difficulties better. 
Our help starts from where you are now and is very much focused on moving you forward to where you want to be and how you want to live, as quickly as possible.(www.mindfullywell.ie)

I offer a one to one service for people -whether in a relationship or not, male or female, who would like to improve their relationships. This service draws on Human Givens Therapy & 40 years of relationship research by the Gottman institute. 

For Singles Are you currently single but desire a close, supportive, long-term relationship? Would you like to have a happier private life – to develop a long-term relationship that is close & affectionate? If you would love to have a positive & nourishing relationship with someone who you can rely on and to build a loving home &/or family life together-this service is for you! Let me help you understand your difficulties with relationships better and why you haven’t been able to find the lasting happiness you seek. I can show you how to escape forever from this cycle of pain & disappointment. I use a unique effective healing process that takes weeks or months – not years! Right from the very first session, I will help you to clarify the barriers that have been standing in your way & start giving you the tools & knowledge you need to maximize your chances of successfully overcoming them. I Can Help You:
• Feel confident in your ability to attract a positive, supportive partner 
• Understand how to make a relationship work in the long-term 
• Recognize & change the internal barriers that are standing in your way 

If you are confident & capable in your professional life, but find, like many people, that your private life is not as you would like it to be, this service is for you!  

For individuals in a Relationship
Are you in a long-term relationship and struggling to make it work? I know how exhausting it can be to feel worn down by life or exhausted by conflict & to just wish that it could all be easier. Would you like your relationship to be closer, more trusting & affectionate? To be able to come home to friendship & laughter; to a loving, nourishing home & family life? Let me help you understand the difficulties in your relationship better and what you can do to escape forever from this cycle of disappointment & pain. I will give you the knowledge & skills you need to maximize your chances of restoring the closeness & friendship you desire. A unique, healing process that takes weeks or months -not years! Right from the very first session, I will help you to focus on clearly defined goals. In a matter of a few short weeks or months, we will work on what you is needed.

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