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Do you want a natural alternative to conventional medicine that really works?

Do you long for a real solution to your health problem instead of simply suppressing or controlling the symptoms by pill-popping?

Do you want an objective look at your overall health and how to improve this, instead of just addressing one symptom at a time?

The benefits of Herbal Medicine

  • Medical herbalists strive to understand what has caused the disease in the body in the first place and address this underlying cause as well as the symptoms created.
  • Scientific research into medicinal plants is enhancing our understanding of and corroborating centuries of effective use.
  • Herbal medicine is a synergistic approach to health-care, combining the best of science, medicine and nature into a personalised, holistic natural medicine solution for you and your family.
  • We believe that there is a perfect balance found naturally in whole parts of plants which ensures absorption and utilisation of the necessary constituents into the body.
  • The naturally occurring chemicals in plants have a direct and quantifiable effect within the body.
  • Medical herbalists are trained to be aware of possible herb-drug interactions and can therefore work in conjunction with conventional medicine where necessary.
  • An individual prescription is specially blended for each patient.
  • The herbs used are organically grown and ethically harvested.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice form part of the consultation and therapy.
  • Side-effects are extremely rare.
  • Education forms part of the consultation process, so that you are encouraged to become more aware of your health and your body''s functioning, thus empowering you to take responsibility for your own well-being.


Western herbal medicine has a history of over 5000 years of use and efficacy. Essentially European in origin, some Eastern, American and African plants are also now included. Modern herbal medicine combines this long history of using plants to heal, together with comprehensive scientific research into the plants so as to understand how and why they work; and a thorough medical training.

Due to the complex constituents contained within each individual plant part, many different actions or effects are possible. This makes medicinal plants unique because they not only simply stimulate or suppress functions, but they are also able to: be nutritive; restorative; tonifying; soothing; balancing and healing. We believe that there is a perfect balance of constitiuents found naturally in healing plants to ensure absorption and utilisation within the body. Medical herbalists use whole parts of plants in tea or tincture form and a unique combination of herbs is combined into an individual prescription to address the needs of the patient holistically at the time.


Most conditions respond well to herbal medicine. Medical herbalists treat a broad range of ailments:-

  • Minor infections
  • decreased immunity, flu
  • complex lifestyle related conditions
  • hormonal and fertility problems
  • skin conditions
  • inherited conditions
  • diseases associated with ageing and
  • complex chronic conditions such as auto-immune disease

all respond well to herbal medicine.

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