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Gaia is the Earth Element Healing Ray and is the foundation level for the complete system called the Eternal Light Healing system, which comprises of 16 different rays, or healing energies. For simplicity sake, I call this healing system Gaia Healing. 

The Gaia Healing Ray and Reiki are of a similar vibration, a similar energy. The main difference is that the Gaia Healing Ray is a stronger vibration, a stronger energy. When you combine the Gaia Healing Ray with the rest of the Eternal Light Healing rays, you then have an even more powerful healing experience. 

Gaia Healing in comparison to Reiki may be felt as “stronger”, “a deeper experience”, “a more powerful experience”. Gaia Healing and Reiki are both wonderful energies with beneficial effects. 
Our experience and the feedback that we have received suggest that with Gaia Healing the energy is able to work on a deeper level therefore creating faster and more effective results. 

You can receive Gaia Healing as a client for many different physical or emotional issues
  • anxiety
  • grief
  • heart break
  • loss of a relationship
  • financial stress
  • lethargy
  • menstrual pain
  • digestive disturbances
These are a few emotions and ailments that energy healing aids.  Often when we are stuck, or upset or in a crisis our energy field (we all have a magnetic field) can vibrate on a low energy - and we can become stuck.  
To raise our vibration, or shake off the cobwebs, many of us find things like spending time with friends - dancing - laughing - exercise - happy people - all lift our energy levels. Have energy work can do the same.

To find out more about Gaia why not give Marion a call or email and find out what might work best for you.

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