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Get Healthy and Happy: Balancing healing treatment that takes care of you on all 4 levels: your body, mind, energy and emotions. 

How does it work? 
Through gentle touch-testing your 'System' reveals the information you hold about yourself, your journey here, what exact causes are behind your current life lessons, and the type of help you need to peacefully evolve past your challenges. 

Kinesiology, Energetic Psychology, Healing, Spiritual Coaching, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Essential Oils, EFT, some body work and Nutrition are used to heal your issues and coaching is used to teach you how to work further with your challenges beyond the session.  

As a result of working through this holistic method, Kamilla had seen people become truly happy, healthy, whole and strong in themselves and purposeful in the world. 

The Principles behind the therapy: There is no Health without Wholeness, the state of Wholeness is Health. 

If anything inside your whole self is out of 'synch', then there is no true harmony or coherence within yourself. There is a communication break-down, which means less cooperation towards health as some parts cannot communicate wtih the whole system properly. Discovering these parts and learning why one struggles to understand the other, naturally brings wisdom, unity and health. This process is natural in life and is part of our natural evolution, and it can go faster if we become aware of what it is that is seeking wholeness within. 

By being more conscious, you learn to recognise what's happening within you faster and without dramatic emotions, struggle or physical dis-ease. This brings natural harmony and wholeness into you and the life you are living.  

Every session is different and is as unique as you are.The primary goal is to restore wholeness in all aspects of yourself, but also to teach you in how to keep your happiness and wholeness in 'real life'. Your system together with the therapist - educate you in how to support, love, trust, care for and express your whole self. 

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