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Aura is the name given to the energetic field that surrounds all living beings. In humans this energy expresses our essence, reflects our emotional state, health and personality. 

An Aura reading is a form of psychic reading based on information either seen or discerned from your energy field; your Aura. This is different from simply being able to see Auras, Aura Reading accesses multiple sets of information that facilitates the understanding of the present moment. It also helps better understand a little of our future evolution.

In this therapy we communicate at a high spiritual plane, bringing to surface what in the present moment is most important for you to know. Throughout the reading you will be awake and can even ask relevant questions. During this process, which lasts for approximately one hour, you will receive a set of important information to help you better lead your life projects. You will also receive information about your past lives which is tied in with your present life’s behavioral patterns, which are preventing you from being happier and/or healthier. 

This therapy also allows for deep healing and chakra balancing. Aura Reading works at a very deep level and could trigger a set of significant transformations. After the reading, many people feel a profound peace and more in tune with the present moment. They also feel much stronger and motivated to cheerfully continue their personal growth process. 


- Finding out more information about your life purpose
- Understanding and healing spiritual agreements
- Receive information about your chakras, balance them and receive advice on how to maintain the balance
- Become more aware of your spirituality and more connected with your True Self
- Release blocked energies and transform negative mental patterns
- There is also the possibility to ask questions about any subject you want to clarify (with the exception of future predictions - the aura reading does not focus on this subject)

*Since Aura Reading is an intuitive process, with High Vibrational Energy, you can also receive other information and healing adapted to your present needs, in addition to the previously mentioned.


The Aura Reading may be Generic, Thematic (focus any theme you want), Relationships (couple, family, friends, etc.) and Feminine Energy (only women). 

There is also the possibility to read children's Auras.


During the reading, which lasts for approximately one hour, both client and therapist will be comfortable seated, facing each other.

The therapist will have their eyes closed most of the time, communicating all of the information received and the healing.

Aura Readings can also be done through Skype or Facebook.

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