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This is a beautiful treat for any man or woman in need of relaxation and indulgence for the face, neck and scalp. 

Beginning with a mini consultation, we will commence the treatment with a very gentle lymphatic drainage massage, around the face, neck and decolletage.

Next is the superficial cleanse, followed with the deeper second cleanse using only natural and organic products for the added benefit of you, the client. 
Following is a toner suitable for your skin type, such as Rose Toner or Witch Hazel, to close the pores creating a clearer skin tone. After cleansing and toning we will use a light, gentle exfoliating cream to lift away any dead skin cells and to leave the skin feeling smoother and looking radiant. 

An incredibly relaxing double massage is up next centering around the face, neck, head and decolletage with the 1st massage, dependent on the client, using an oil suitable for your skin type ie) organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, pre combined with Obus Ireland\'s 100% natural aromatherapy oils such as Rose and Friends (Contains aromatherapy essential oils of Palmarosa, Rose Otto and Geranium) AND then using a second, different oil, to bring further healing & nourishing properties is the 2nd massage focusing on relaxing and soothing your face, head, neck and shoulder muscles - leaving you ready to simply melt. 

But wait, there\'s more! 

Using the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians we will commence a gentle acupressure treatment before applying a moisturising mask to help draw out any lingering impurities whilst hydrating your skin, during which you will receive a scalp or hand or foot massage to further extend the luxury... and finally after removing the mask, the treatment will end with a skin cream suitable again for your skin type to lock in the nutrients finishing with a gentle, nourishing eye cream. 

This Aromatherapy Deluxe Facial focuses on natural, gentle products.. effectively food for your face... two exquisite facial massages, lymphatic drainage, all of which accelerate the detoxification process of the lymph around the facial area, help to tone and relax the facial muscles leaving your skin feeling radiant and looking healthier. 

Contact Eva Lennox or Bella Barker to book this luxurious treatment at the Dublin Holistic Centre.

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