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The benefits of Allergy Testing

At the Dublin Holistic Centre, we can offer you allergy testing using Kinesiology or with an appointment with a Nutritional Therapist who can arrange for testing using Laboratories to analyse blood tests as we currently do not have that on offer here.  

Food intolerances can lead to increased inflammation, which plays a key role in the development of chronic disease. It is therefore important that we remove this intolerance through a food elimination diet. Individuals who have eliminated trigger foods report improved digestion, weight loss and improvements in overall wellness markers including mental health and pain levels".


Kinesiology uses muscle bio-feedback testing to identify food and environmental sensitivities that affect energy levels and digestive system imbalances. Simply explained, it is a system based on manually testing muscle reactions to identify allergies. The substance or a homeopathic version of the substance is placed on the body, and the response of one or more muscles is assessed. This allows a whole range of substances to be rapidly checked. By testing the 50 most common sensitivities, imbalances can be identified and dietary and lifestyle changes recommended.  Kinesiology can be extremely accurate but it does depend heavily on the knowledge and skill of the practitioner and we can assure you that at the Dublin Holistic Centre our practitioners are of the highest professional standard.  

½ hour session

  • Food sensitivity testing( 50 most common)
  • Identifying energy imbalances in the body
  • Nutritional advice
  1 hour session 
  • Food sensitivity testing( 50 most common)
  • Mineral and vitamin balancing
  • Identifying and correcting energy imbalances in the body
  • Analysis of symptoms
  • Detailed nutritional advice
  • Easy to follow treatment plan

Laboratory based Scientific Test 

The tests provided by our nutritional therapist are laboratory based, scientifically valid tests of allergy and intolerance. These tests, and the laboratory in which they are tested, are of the highest standard, and considered one of the best internationally. There are a number or different tests available, depending on the symptoms and needs of the individual. 

The appropriate test for a client is usually determined during a nutritional therapy consultation, and subsequently you are referred to a phlebotomist to have a blood sample taken.  This is sent by courier to the laboratory the in UK. Test results are received within approximately a week.  

Test prices vary significantly depending on the type of test done, and the amount of substances tested. For example, testing for one allergen costs twenty pounds sterling, while the most comprehensive test of over one hundred foods costs over three hundred pounds sterling. Often food allergies/intolerances do not occur in isolation, and are often caused by other conditions within the body, and these can also be tested for.  

Personalised dietary, supplementary and lifestyle recommendations are given on the basis of the test results. If you are interested in definitely investigating food allergies/intolerances and their causes, a nutritional therapy consultation, which provides a comprehensive assessment of diet and health, and identification of appropriate tests, is highly recommended.

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