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Abdominal acupuncture is a gentle but highly effective form of acupuncture working only on the abdomen using the abdominal meridian system. In ancient China the abdomen could be used exclusively for diagnosis that is how intricate the micro-system is!

According to the theory of abdominal acupuncture, the umbilicus has a circulatory system that works in synergy with Qi and blood flowing throughout the body. Abdominal acupuncture has found gaining popularity due to it's successful results yet the area itself is less sensitive to needling, thus ideal for people who may be quite nervous about trying acupuncture or who find acupuncture painful.

For the vast majority of clients, acupuncture is a walk in the park and is in fact a peaceful, relaxing treatment. There are clients however, who are very sensitive - and this can fluctuate depending on your immune, your stress levels and event the time of the month - who find acupuncture painful or the stimulation of De-qi overwhelming.
De-qi refers to a sensation of numbness, distension, or electrical tingling at the needling site which might radiate along the corresponding meridian.

Abdominal Acupuncture is an alternative option but highly effective form ideally suitable for patients who are weak or sensitive to acupuncture, such as the very young and the elderly or those nervous or new to acupuncture. 

This type of acupuncture can treat the whole body, including internal, difficult and complicated disorders, and also chronic degenerative disorders.

Bonnie Barker
'I have always found Acupuncture very effective but painful.  It was always a catch 22, lie there wishing the appointment would be over so I could just relish the effects of the treatment.
If I had a fever or a sore throat and needed to be well for work or a presentation, I would suck it up and book an appointment - feeling almost instantaneously the fever pass or the splinter like pain in the throat ease over night.  Over time, as my job became more desk based I would suffer with deadlines, pressure, and over a few years I became rundown with irregular periods, lack of energy and if it wasn't a cold it was pulled muscle.  I couldn't face acupuncture as well! Work was stress enough.
Cue Amanda, who is both a registered nurse & acupuncturist & over a meeting on a stairwell she suggested Acupuncture.
I said I was too tired and far too sensitive to consider anything painful - bing bam boo, 4 sessions of Abdominal Acupuncture later ...
I feel much much better - my energy is returning, my periods are more regular, my oedema has reduced and my PMT has disappeared.  Abdominal acupuncture is definitely less painful for me yet I find the results are just as effective.  I do try to go once every few weeks - I still have lots of stress and pressure but I feel stronger in myself and happier.
Initially, I did have a little cry but I needed it and even though it was the needles that initiated the tears, it wasn't from the pain but from the relief if anything.
Amanda is so reassuring, her bedside manner, surely from her years of nursing are nurturing and the heat lamp on the belly, worth the appointment alone.
Don't look back -"

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