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Are you looking for a Dublin city yoga or pilates class? 3rd May 2018 | Dublin Holistic Centre If you’re looking for a Dublin city yoga or pilates class at different times during the day, the Dublin Holistic Centre can accommodate you... Read More
How to complain without hurting your partner 27th Nov 2017 | Ann Marie Taylor Some people, however gently you start a difficult discussion, have had so many bad experiences of feeling attacked & criticized in the past that they will feel attacked and get defensive no matter how you begin. In this case, the best thing to do is to clearly state that you don’t mean to attack or criticise them but rather want to let them know how this specific thing has made you feel & what they can do to help.... Read More
Sleeping on Empty - Insomnia with Acupuncture 15th Apr 2016 | Jenny Meagor Most of my patients have the same response to acupuncture – a better night’s sleep. The sleep is better quality, deeper and more refreshing. I ask every patient how they sleep after acupuncture because the results are so consistent, but word is slow in getting around. What follows is an uncharacteristic criticism of medical drugs, but I feel obliged because this is one area where pills are routinely and unfairly overprescribed despite clear iatrogenic risks. ... Read More
Baby Sign Language 27th Jan 2016 | Helen O'Sullivan Baby sign language is a series of simple gestures, or signs, that parents and their little one use together to quickly and easily convey meaning... Read More
Tired all the time? Running on empty? 13th Jan 2016 | Jenny Meagor Are you tired all the time, even after sleeping all night? Do you feel you are sluggish, running on empty with low energy? Do you have a foggy mind, like you can\'t gather your thoughts? Maybe your body has become stressed and is over producing cortisol and adrenaline - pushing yourself into Adrenal Fatigue. Ring a bell... read on so,... Read More
Trauma and Relationships 13th Oct 2015 | Ann Marie Taylor Is your past holding you back from your future? Is it time to step out of the shadows...... Read More
More than Sex: Tantra for Couples and Individuals. 9th Oct 2015 | Mark Sutton Tantra, classically, was a hindu path to Moksha (liberation) which centred on the body and accepted everything and denied nothing. It believed that you could attain enlightenment not by renouncing life, but by fully experiencing life in all its aspects, including our sexuality and our sexual energy.... Read More
Full Body Facial with Dr Hauschka 6th May 2015 | Irish Times There are facials and then there are Dr Hauschka facials, which actually begin with your feet....... Read More
New Year's Resolutions you can Keep with Classes at Dublin Holistic Centre 18th Dec 2014 | Dublin Holistic Centre The secret to keeping New Year's resolutions is to choose resolutions you can keep!... Read More
Recognising the Importance of Recognising Stress 13th Oct 2014 | Dublin Holistic Centre One of the most challenging aspects of managing stress is recognising that you are suffering from stress or anxiety in the first place. ... Read More
Pilates as a First Step to Getting Back into Fitness 8th Oct 2014 | Dublin Holistic Centre Staying in shape requires a lot of work. Anyone who has maintained a fitness routine for any length of time knows that.... Read More
Tailor Made Yoga Therapy 25th Sep 2014 | Caroline Cunningham 121 yoga therapy with Alyson Mc Evoy....... Read More
Reflexology Rivals Mexico’s Tropical Peninsula – Review by Alyson Mc Evoy 24th Sep 2014 | Alyson McEvoy Alyson's Experience of Reflexology with Caroline Cunningham... Read More
Reflexology during pregnancy 27th Jun 2014 | Aileen Scanlon Wednesday Wellness with Willow Lane - Reflexology Did you know that the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street, Dublin, recommends Reflexology during pregnancy!... Read More
3 Quick Tips for Coping with Stress 16th May 2014 | Dublin Holistic Centre Our modern hectic, day to day lives are full of opportunities for us to suffer from stress or anxiety.... Read More
Reducing Stress During Pregnancy and Childbirth with Yoga 16th May 2014 | Dublin Holistic Centre While many have been aware of the benefits of yoga during pregnancy for a long time (some for centuries) there has been little in the way of academic research to confirm this effectiveness.... Read More
Managing Fitness and Posture with Pilates During Pregnancy 16th May 2014 | Dublin Holistic Centre While expecting a child is obviously one of life’s greatest wonders it is not without its side effects particularly on the body of the mother to be.... Read More
5 Practical Applications of Hypnotherapy 16th May 2014 | Dublin Holistic Centre The use of hypnosis as a form of therapy has a long history, going back even earlier than that of psychoanalysis.... Read More
Bringing harmony to body, mind and spirit with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage 8th May 2014 | Eva Lennox Originating in Polynesia, Lomi Lomi is a unique healing massage which aims to restore balance and harmony within the body, mind and spirit.... Read More
Reflexology – so much more than a foot massage! 2nd May 2014 | Aileen Scanlon This ancient healing practice with roots in China, Egypt and India is one of the fastest growing holistic therapies in the world today!... Read More
5 Types of Meditation and the Benefits they Bring 23rd Jan 2014 | Dublin Holistic Centre We here at the Dublin Holistic Centre have been providing Meditation Classes and therapy in Dublin 2 for many years. Meditation offers a simple and effective way to quickly and enjoyably relieve stress and clear your thoughts.... Read More
Life Coaching forms a different aspect of Counselling Therapy 23rd Jan 2014 | Dublin Holistic Centre Most people are familiar with counselling therapy. It has become more and more common and it is quite normal for someone to seek counselling when they are going through a difficult period such as having lost a loved one or the end of a relationship.... Read More
Best Spots to Relax, Meditate or Practice Yoga around Dublin City Centre 23rd Jan 2014 | Dublin Holistic Centre It’s important to find time to get away from the crowds and traffic at least for a while during the day and take some time to relax in a peaceful environment.... Read More
Psychotherapy and Counselling Can Help in Coping With the Changes of Menopause 11th Nov 2013 | Weisim Ho As a woman approaches the age of menopause, her experience of her first hot flush can be a watershed.... Read More
5 Simple Ways to be More Mindful with Counselling Therapies 11th Nov 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre The Dublin Holistic Centre on South William St. In Dublin 2 provides a wide range of different therapies that help cope with the stress, anxiety and even depression that can result from living and working in a busy city.... Read More
Mindfulness and How It Can Help You 11th Nov 2013 | Jennifer Keenan Ever been in a position where you just can't turn your mind off? You're exhausted, want to sleep and yet just can't get your mind to switch off for your thoughts to stop racing?... Read More
Understanding and Identifying Self Harm 31st Oct 2013 | Jennifer Keenan In this series of articles on self harm we look at some identifying factors, some misconceptions and what to do if you think your child might be self harming.... Read More
Types of Self Harm, Some Facts and Misconceptions 31st Oct 2013 | Jennifer Keenan In this series of articles on self harm we look at some identifying factors, some misconceptions and what to do if you think your child might be self harming.... Read More
Signs your Child might be Self-Harming, Why they Might be Doing it and How to Help 31st Oct 2013 | Jennifer Keenan In this series of articles on self harm we look at some identifying factors, some misconceptions and what to do if you think your child might be self harming.... Read More
Holistic Therapies for Miscarriage 30th Oct 2013 | Anna Goodere How natural medicines can help couples experiencing miscarriage ... Read More
Many can Benefit from Pilates Classes 24th Jul 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre Many people looking to stay fit want a low intensity, low impact form of exercise. ... Read More
Come for Lunchtime Yoga in Dublin City Centre 24th Jul 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre With our location right at the heart of Dublin city many of the people that come to enjoy our facilities are busy professionals working in the city.... Read More
Experience Revitalizing Polynesian Lomi Lomi Massage at the Dublin Holistic Centre 28th Jun 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre The Dublin Holistic Centre is located conveniently in the centre of Dublin City. Our aim is to provide a convenient and comfortable location in which to practice a range of healthy exercise techniques such as Yoga and Pilates and to receive a wide range of relaxing treatments such as acupuncture and lomi lomi massage.... Read More
Take a Break with Lunchtime Yoga at Dublin Holistic Centre 14th May 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre Finding an effective way to exercise during your lunch break can be difficult. It is a great opportunity to fit in a work out in the middle of the day and the right kind of exercise during the day will work to energise and invigorate you for the rest of the day.... Read More
Yoga Classes Convenient to Dublin City Centre 14th May 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre If you are looking for a way to stay trim and in shape this summer Dublin Holistic centre is offering a range of different yoga classes convenient to Dublin city centre.... Read More
Providing Counselling in Dublin 2 14th May 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre Located right in the commercial centre of Dublin 2, Dublin Holistic Centre provide a range of classes and therapies designed to create wellness for the body, the soul and the mind. ... Read More
Depression: Facing up to Distress 29th Mar 2013 | Tony Bates DEPRESSION IS the most common mental health problem worldwide...The Irish Times - Tuesday, January 12, 2010 ... Read More
Revitalize after a long day with yoga classes in Dublin’s City Centre 18th Mar 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre Working or living in any city can be a stressful experience and Dublin is no exception.... Read More
Lunchtime yoga in Dublin: A great way to break up the day 18th Mar 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre Life in the city centre can get hectic. Finding the time to do anything can be difficult. ... Read More
Convenient and relaxed holistic treatment with homeopathy in Dublin City Centre 18th Mar 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre For anyone living or working in Dublin city centre looking for homeopathic treatment, the Dublin Holistic Centre is home to several Homeopaths who are always eager to help.... Read More
Find classes for Pilates in Dublin 2 at the Dublin Holistic Centre 8th Feb 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre Anyone looking for the ideal place to learn or practice Pilates in Dublin 2 need look no further than the Dublin Holistic Centre. ... Read More
Visit the Dublin Holistic Centre for Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Dublin 8th Feb 2013 | Dublin Holistic Centre Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy is important for both mum and baby. ... Read More
From life coaching to psychotherapy, Dublin Holistic Centre provides a range of specialist therapies 10th Dec 2012 | Dublin Holistic Centre Dublin Holistic Centre offers a wide variety of counselling therapies from trained therapists such as psychotherapy, life therapy and cancer counselling. ... Read More
Yoga classes can help make the most of your lunch break 6th Dec 2012 | Dublin Holistic Centre Dublin holistic centre hosts yoga classes and offers special deals on lunchtime yoga classes. It offers a great way to stay in shape in bright spacious and comfortable studios right in the centre of Dublin city.... Read More
Find out what’s different about Sports Massage 12th Oct 2012 | Dublin Holistic Centre Unlike other massage forms such as traditional or Aurvedic massage which are intended to help relaxation and energy levels, sports massage is specifically focused on preparing the muscles for athletic activity. ... Read More
Pilates Classes at the Dublin Holistic Centre 12th Oct 2012 | Dublin Holistic Centre The Dublin Holistic centre offers frequent Pilates classes throughout the day at their fully equipped studios conveniently located right in Dublin’s city centre.... Read More
Get more out of your break for less with the special Lunchtime Yoga and Pilates classes deal 12th Oct 2012 | Dublin Holistic Centre The Dublin holistic Centre is currently offering a lunchtime special for yoga and Pilates classes.... Read More
Why choose Yoga classes over hitting the Gym? 12th Sep 2012 | Dublin Holistic Centre Tired of sweating it out in the gym? Yoga might be what you need.... Read More
What makes acupuncture different from other forms of treatment? 12th Sep 2012 | Dublin Holistic Centre Looking at some of the ailments that can benefit from acupuncture as an alternative remedy... Read More
Benefitting from talking therapies: Which is right for you? 10th Sep 2012 | Dublin Holistic Centre There are a number of different talking therapies available at the Dublin Holistic Centre. This article aims to give a brief overview of a few of them and show how they differ and what they have in common. ... Read More
Is Yoga bad for your body 5th Jul 2012 | Siobhán Norton An article written by Siobhán Norton asking the questions about Yoga and is it bad for your body... Read More
Journalist Holly White talks about Kinesiology 7th Jun 2012 | Holly White Holly White's Top Tips ... Read More
Detox your Mind of Negativity 3rd May 2012 | Julie Pone Free your mind from negative thought patterns, now is your chance...... Read More
Finding Your Self Esteem 27th Apr 2012 | Deidre Staveley Psychological health is just as important as physical, if not more...... Read More
Freeing my Mind 25th Apr 2012 | Julie Pone I attended my first workshop with her nearly 2 years ago, and I am so thrilled that she's offering another workshop in Dublin.... Read More
Hayfever - how homeopathy can help! 30th Mar 2012 | Sheelagh Behan It's very nearly hayfever time again folks so why not try an alternative to popping antihistamines every day or suffering with symptoms all day long!... Read More
Ancient Chinese Thoughts on Protecting the Kidneys and staying Healthy During the Winter. 16th Jan 2012 | Anne Hughes According to Chinese philosophy, the universe is based entirely on the duality of yin and yang.... Read More
Stop smoking with Homeopathy 7th Dec 2011 | Mark O'Sullivan How to stop smoking with the support of Homeopathic remedies. Getting through the first week is crucial and Homeopathy can help. That, plus a generous dose of courage, positive thinking and commitment to health.... Read More
What is Reiki Bio energy and how does it work? 5th Dec 2011 | Mike Mannix Reiki is a Japanese bio energy hand healing technique, based in ancient Shinto and Buddhist traditions, although it isn't a religious entity or tied with any specific creed, rather its a philosophy with suggestions on how to conduct and heal your life. ... Read More
How Yoga helped my Eczema & Asthma 1st Dec 2011 | Catriona McCormack Here’s the good news Yoga Is accessible for everyone whether you’re boy/girl,a tiny tot, wheelchair bound, as a fit as a fiddle or a little bit older than you care to divulge.... Read More
Social Anxiety 1st Dec 2011 | Edel Malone Many people get nervous or self conscious at times, like public speaking or going on a date but social anxiety becomes a problem when it interferes with you going to places or spending time with people because of what you fear might happen.... Read More
Did You Know That Chinese Medicine Can Fight Against Colds And Flu? 1st Dec 2011 | Lisa Morrissey The outermost layer of the immune system, the layer that pertains to the skin and respiratory system is called “Wei Chi” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is considered the first line of defence, a veritable energetic barrier that protects us from the first onslaught of external pathogens.... Read More
Nutritional and Educational Kinesiology 1st Nov 2011 | Rosaleen Durkin In this article I would like to introduce myself and the clinical work I do in The Dublin Holistic Centre. My name is Rosaleen Durkin and I have been practicing Kinesiology since 1992. My own introduction to kinesiology in the 1980''s came about when I was diagnosed as having M.E.... Read More
Depression and Nutrition 1st Nov 2011 | Helen Corrigan Depression is an extremely common illness with a multiple of possible causative factors... Read More

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