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Why Shakti? 

In Hinduism, the god Shiva represents the constant change of the universe, the flow of life. Shiva is also known as ‘The Lord of Dance’ and it is said that his dance is what maintains the movement of our universe. Shakti is the feminine aspect of Shiva, and means energy, power. It is also the feminine principle of divine energy, the mother principle of creation, abundance. 
Shakti belly dance is a sacred space dedicated to every woman to nurture, explore and experience self-control and self-awareness through movement. The original women’s dance was not about performance or culture. It was a path of learning about being feminine in the most sacred way. Belly dance offers women access to body awareness and wisdom. It is based on movements like circles, hip drops and undulations. In addition, belly dance works actively in our chakra system. Undulations, for example, will bring a flow of energy from the base of the spine to the top of our head. 


During this course, we will learn and integrate the basic movements of oriental dance and we will focus and learn the technique, combinations, and improvisations. We will explore what sensuality really means and we will dance to awaken our senses. In addition, we will be looking at our chakra system, which is closely linked to some of the movements we will be working. 

Morning Classes for beginners 
Every Tuesday From 11.am-12am 

NEW!!Evening Classes for beginners 
Every Thursday From 17.40pm-18.40pm  

Dublin Holistic Centre 28, South William Street, Dublin 2 

Investment Drop in: 15 € 4 classes pass (to be used within 4 weeks): 50 €  
***Student/Unemployed discount. Contact Laura for more information. 

What do I bring? 

You just need to bring water to keep you hydrated and wear comfortable clothes! A great addition is a scarf! It is a great way to accentuate your hip movement whilst we dance. You do not necessarily need to show your belly or bring a hip scarf with coins. 

I don’t have any previous experience in dance 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have any previous experience in dance as this is an introduction and perfect for beginners. We will be starting from the very basics and from there we will develop our skills, integrating more complicated movements as we go along, playing, exploring and improvising with them. 

Who can benefit from belly dance? 

Belly dance is suitable for all women and helps us to express and connect with the body on a deeper level. It builds self-confidence and self-esteem and is also a reminder of the divine feminine energy that is within us. The energy of creation, sensuality, sexuality, birth, rejuvenation, nurture, love and abundance. 


Helps the nervous system to slow down. Working the upper body will encourage you to open and strengthen your neck, chest and shoulders whilst simultaneously opening a space in your heart and lungs to deepen your breath. 

Belly dance works actively with reproductive organs increasing the energy flow, and the circulation and stimulation of those ones, making them work more efficiently. It is very beneficial for PMT symptoms. 

Strengthens the pelvic floor, which makes it very beneficial during and after pregnancy. In belly dance we use circles, shimmies and other movements that help opening up the hips and release any tension that restricts movement to this area. This way, not just the pelvis gets more flexible, but the whole body will. 

Flexibility of the spine. Our spine connects all our organs through the nervous system and connective tissues. It is said that the connective tissues is the place where we hold past traumas and pain. Working the spine will help to release toxins and ‘old patterns’ that we may no longer need. When we free the ‘old stuff’ we clear our mind and this will increase our consciousness. 

It also works with our throat chakra. Dance is the language of the soul, it is the expression of our thoughts and deep emotions. It is a great exercise for those ones who struggle with communication.

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