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Modern Fusion Bellydance Wednesday 18:45 - 20:15 Jasmin Victoria
087 763 5356

Drills & Techniques

4 classes €60 / 8 classes €110
Drop-in €18
Modern Fusion Bellydance Wednesday 20:15 - 21:15 Jasmin Victoria
087 763 5356
info@jasminvictoria.com Combos & Choreography
Experience required. 

The benefits of Modern Fusion Bellydance

  • Improvement of fitness and general endurance
  • Improvement of flexibility and an overall toned body with well defined muscles
  • Study of belly dance technique fused with modern contemporary elements
  • Learning skills such as "strobing", "ticking", popping and locking
  • Heightened body and self awareness coupled with improved posture and
  • carriage as a dancer
  • Elegant and fluid body language
  • Enjoyment of dance as the essence of life and expression of freedom
  • Fun and challenging classes and an opportunity to be the best dancer you can
  • be thanks to a supportive and friendly environment
  • Great fun bonding and sharing the passion of dance in class
  • A fun way to explore group and choreographic dance work

What is Modern Bellydance

A further step in the evolution of modern belly dance, Modern Fusion Belly Dance is based on ATS, and the Suhaila Salimpour belly dance formats. MFBD fuses modern belly dance vocabulary with Western styles of dance, predominantly Modern Contemporary Dance. Modern Fusion Belly dance is essentially tribal fusion in its nature.

In the 1980s, ATS (American Tribal style), often referred to as the Old School, was conceived by Carolena Nericcio as a modern, group- based form of belly dance, gleaning from traditional belly dance styles (Egyptian, Turkish, Tunisian and many more) and the Jamila Salimpour American tribal style format.

ATS is an improvisational style which is largely based on cues and permits dancers all over the world who know those cues to dance with one another in groups made up of leaders and followers. ATS is essentially ''tribal'', very grounded and group-oriented. It is rarely presented as a solo endeavor, although it is possible to present solo ATS work in performances.

The fusion component of Modern Belly Dance points to the essentially eclectic nature of modern belly dance. Fusion permits the inclusion of Western forms of dance, such as Flamenco, Modern Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and others dance forms. Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is often a solo enterprise but can also be executed in groups. However, then it is almost always based on choreography rather than improvisation.

Modern Fusion Belly Dance is a wonderful opportunity to honour traditional Middle Eastern belly dance styles, while simultaneously allowing the Western student to integrate Western dance elements closer to home, with a special view to integrating the light and airy qualities of Contemporary Modern Dance. It also allows the use of more experimental Western music, such as Electronica, Trip Hop and many more, selected according to taste and mood.

What happens in Class

Lots of fun!! But the classes focus on...

  • Improvement of flexibility through a gentle warm up including strengthening exercises for an overall toned body and well defined muscles for use in our regular dance practice
  • Drilling belly dance technique and fusing it with modern contemporary dance elements
  • Acquisition of elegant and fluid body language
  • Learning choreographic elements, interpreting them, expressing emotions through dance and dancing, dancing, dancing.

Apart from warm-up intro and cool-down outro, classes are divided into two parts. I believe that precise and well executed technique is the foundation of dance, much like grammar is the basic building block of language. Therefore, we will focus on drilling technique in a fun and supportive environment in the first part of classes. However, since great technique in a dancer does not make for an emotional and touching performance, we will work on intention and stage presence also. Students will get used to choreographic work and will learn to act out a coherent storyline in dance, expressing emotions and intentions through their movement at an early stage.

Wednesday 6:45pm: Drills and Techniques (All Levels)

Wednesday 8:15pm: combos and choreo (All Levels)

Visit Jasmin's website for more information on:http://www.jasminvictoria.com/

or her Facebook Page for weekly updates https://www.facebook.com/JunoniaDanceCompany/?fref=ts

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