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Capoeira Angola 
Capoeira Angola is an Afro-Brazilian art that draws elements from dance, fight, ritual and music. It is a game played between two friends at the rhythm of clapping and melodic music. The capoeira practice is compose by capoeirista (capoeira players), music and instruments (berimbao and percussion instruments) and Roda (a circle consisting of capoeiristas and the musical instruments, where every player participates: singing, clapping, playing instruments or in the middle of the circle playing with another capoeirista). 

Capoeira Angola maintains the roots of Capoeira, and in doing so exalts the pure aspect of a Capoeira game, the respect for the Mestres and the others Capoeiristas, the knowledge and the understanding of music and lyrics, the remembrance for the ancestral. 

Capoeira Class 
A Capoeira Angola class covers: stretching, physical training, music and song, capoeira play, philosophy explanation and more. Everybody can start and training Capoeira Angola. Classes are not just for experts, beginners are always welcome! 

Capoeira and its benefits. 
Capoeira promotes flexibility, strength and endurance, enhancing agility, reflexes, coordination, reaction time and time spacial awareness. The benefits are numerous. The individual’s mind can benefit from increased energy levels, firm and strong determination and exceptional attention and concentration; the body, on the other hand, will gain resilience, balance, integrated functioning of its parts, steadiness, weight control, posture, coordination, well-being and self-knowledge. 

Capoeira Angola Group Angoleiro Sim Sinho 
Angoleiro Sim Sinho is the first Capoeira Angola group in Dublin. 
The group has its reference in Mestre Plinio from Sou Paulo and in Europe it is present in Stuttgart and Madrid.

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