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This beginners meditation course will run for seven weeks duration and will explore the posture of the body, the quality of the breath, techniques such as loving kindness meditation (Metta) and the meditation qualities of Calm Abiding (Samatha) and Insight (Vipassana). Whilst we will draw from the instructions of the buddhist path, this course is open to people of any path or no path, we will simply look at ways to tame the mind, to develop skills that contribute towards living as good human beings. 

Your investment for this seven week course is €70. 
Please email david@dublinhealthclinic.ie for preparation and payment information. 
Drop in’s are welcome providing there is floor space and investment is €12 per class, though it is recommended to commit to the course as the instruction will evolve as we progress from beginning to end. 
Advanced booking is recommended as floor space is limited. If finances are a genuine obstacle for you at this time, though you wish or need to join the course please email me and we can come to an arrangement. 

David Corbally has studied and practiced with many meditation masters from Buddhist traditions around the world. Whilst having an interest in all spiritual traditions, David has been a practicing Buddhist since 2006 and follows the Kagyu practice lineage. In 2005 David was guided by a dear friend to meditation to look for some solution for life challenges he experienced. Over 12 years on since he embarked on his journey with meditation, David attributes much of the positive changes in his life to his efforts in taming the mind. On a journey of self discovery and self healing, David trained in Occupational Therapy and in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Drawing from his expertise as a health therapist, David brings an all encompassing view to healing of body and mind. 

Some words from David: 
  “It is with certainty that I can say how much of a positive influence meditation has had on my life and it continues to do so. I often share some views or methods with my clients, who tell me they have difficulty with their mind. Increasingly, people comment to me on how they are trying to meditate, but they are becoming frustrated as they cannot “stop their thoughts”. 
Stopping thought is an impossible task, so it is understandable why people are becoming more frustrated. I decided to start to teach meditation in classes with an aspiration to guide people as I too have been guided before, with sincere aspirations for people to find peace and stillness amongst the ever busy and ever changing world we live in.

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