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Yoga classes can help make the most of your lunch break

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

6th Dec 2012

There are dozens of ways to stay fit nowadays. Modern gyms filled with exercise machines, treadmills and the like, hyper intensive aerobics and high impact martial arts style workouts all provide plenty of different ways to strain and exhaust ourselves. But if finishing your fitness routine dripping with sweat and feeling like you have been run over doesn’t sound too appealing there are less traumatic alternatives.

Compared to most other forms of exercise yoga likely has the longest heritage. Developed over the course of thousands of years Yoga is not just a means of staying fit and in shape it extends into an entire philosophy and system of meditation that practitioners have used to attain various forms of enlightenment. Of course most ordinary practitioners use it as a means to stay fit, flexible, and healthy.

This combination of exercise, stretching and meditation means yoga is particularly effective at improving mood and anxiety. Of course, all exercise improves feelings of well being but studies have shown that yoga has the highest benefit for the amount of energy it requires. This can make it a particularly beneficial form of exercise for people suffering depression and other stress related disorders to complement talking therapy.

Other studies suggest it is also highly beneficial for the pulmonary system. It is thought to lower high blood pressure, improve cardiac rehabilitation and reduce factors of cardiovascular risk. Because it is low intensity people who have cardiovascular problems may benefit from practicing yoga where other high intensity activities might not be suitable for them. You should of course check with your doctor first.

Dublin Holistic Centre’s lunchtime yoga classes are a great way to stay in shape without taking up your whole day, all for a great price.

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