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Why choose Yoga classes over hitting the Gym?

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

12th Sep 2012

Keeping in shape is difficult, especially living in a city such as Dublin. Busy narrow streets are hardly conducive to jogging and parks are not distributed particularly evenly across the city. Being a city also means that gyms get pricey. They also get crowded very quickly. Queuing up for a treadmill while breathing in lungfuls of body odour and sweat isn’t the most appealing form of exercise.

Even if you can find an affordable gym and can make it there during the odd hours of the day when there’s no one else there, rowing machines and dumbbells might not be the right kind of exercise for you. It is an intense, high impact workout that can leave you feeling worn out, achy and agitated. It also doesn’t suit every body type. If you are trying to lose a lot of weight that kind of intensive work out can be straight up dangerous. If you are of a slight build wanting to get in shape and build muscle tone then wrestling with weight machines isn’t going to get you very far very fast.

To the untrained eye yoga may not appear to be a particularly intensive workout and in some respects it’s not. It’s definitely not high impact, but that’s a good thing. It also doesn’t try to over exert muscles through numerous repetitions or by resistance to huge weights. That’s a good thing too. High impact and high intensity training can put unnecessary stresses and strains on the body. These can lead to sprains, pulled muscles and joint injuries which are not only painful but can be lasting.

How yoga benefits fitness is through its low impact, low intensity exercise. Moving the body into the various poses in a slow and controlled manner spreads out the muscle tension which leads to a more even muscle tone rather than the uneven “bulging” tone you get from weights training. Yoga is also kinder to your muscles by spreading out the load it uses the full range of the muscle rather than focusing all the stress on one small area through repeated movement.

The final & most impressive benefit is that you come out of a class feeling relaxed & rejuvenated, calm & refreshed ready to face the rest of the day with a little spring in your step!

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