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What makes acupuncture different from other forms of treatment?

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

12th Sep 2012

It’s hardly a new practice, stone implements found by archaeologists suggest its origins may lie in the stone age, but Acupuncture is certainly finding a new life as a complementary medicine in the west.

The technique involves activating critical points across the surface of the body using thin pins. The points have been discovered and the technique developed over centuries of traditional Chinese medical practice.

While scientific studies have shown that acupuncture is effective there is still no adequate scientific explanation to describe how the practice works. The traditional explanation given through practitioners of Chinese medicine is based around the concept of Chi. Chi represents the flow of energy through the body, the vital essence that governs our wellbeing. Illnesses arise when the flow of Chi through the body is interrupted or blocked. Stimulating specified points can repair the flow of Chi through the body and reduce or get rid of the malady.  The typical method of stimulation is with the use of thin needles that gently penetrate the thin epidermis of the skin, the action is so gentle that all you feel is a tingle, not pain.

Common ailments that this treatment is used to relieve, include the flu, chronic pain and stress. It is also regularly used to help people to quit smoking and to reduce allergic reactions

One of the factors that contribute to the appeal of acupuncture is its relatively non invasive procedures. No substances need be ingested that may have unwanted side effects or reactions in the patient.

People find they turn to alternative or traditional techniques such as this when they suffer from illness such as the flu which modern medicine has no answer for or when doctors are unable to treat pain. It can be frustrating for some patients when their pain fails to respond to medication or even surgery and doctors suggest that the pain is imagined.  It is a huge relief to such patients to finally find a long-term solution to their symptoms.

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