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What is Reiki Bio energy and how does it work?

Author: Mike Mannix

5th Dec 2011

Reiki is a Japanese bio energy hand healing technique, based in ancient Shinto and Buddhist traditions, although it isn't a religious entity or tied with any specific creed, rather its a philosophy with suggestions on how to conduct and heal your life. 

The word 'Reiki' or Rei-Ki, a Japanese word that literally means, as its written in Japanese Kanji characters (written language) 'Mysterious atmosphere', or Universal Energy, or Spiritual Energy. 

Its this mysterious atmosphere, energy that I will now explain. First some rather obviously dumb questions?

a. Can you see radio waves?
b. Can you see mobile phone signals?
c. Can you see TV signals?

Obviously the answer is no, right? Does the fact that you can't see them diminish that they are real or their effects? No!

Lets suppose I inform you that your heart, brain, skin, cells and bodily organs all emit their own signals, just like a mobile phone or TV, in the space in and around your body. But you can't see them right? No!

These signals carry information just like TV's and produce information fields, or bio fields. The largest of these electromagnetic bio fields is produced by the heart, and is up to 5000 times the strength of the brain bio field, and extends up to fifteen feet in every direction from your body, up down left and right 360 degrees. Think about this, our hearts and brains generate electrical signals that are sent throughout our bodies that we don’t experience consciously. When we focus our attention on our heart's our brain amplify's the electrical fields coming from our heart. Our brain has implicit perception of our heart energies, and this is very important. When a Reiki practitioner is conducting a treatment, they are intentionally sending positive vibes to their client through being centred in theirs hearts, and as a result the brain boosts this bio field that' s flowing into them.

These Bio fields don’t act in isolation; rather they talk to each other and share information about the bodies’ functionality. The cells in our bodies are super sensitive to energy and information. If these fields or lines of communication get disrupted or corrupted, either by stress or emotional upheaval, or by a chronic way of thinking, can end up causing imbalance and eventually disease within the body.

We are all completely surrounded by these fields of energy, in the space in and around our bodies our environment and the World at large, and we all posses an inherent ability to sense these subtle energy fields. Our own Bio fields also merge and interact with the other fields around them. We can think of it as our energetic communication system for the body, and the link to the wider world or Field. Everything has energy, everything is energy, everything senses energy and can certainly be thought of as a 'mysterious atmosphere', in reality and manner. Einstein put it this way, 'the Field is the only reality'.

All Human beings posses an innate ability (built in) to tune in and rebalance their own Bio fields. More often, they aren’t even aware of this amazing ability, this probably includes you too, right? When you are tuned into Reiki, your Bio field is unzipped slightly at the top of the head(crown Chakra) and this allows the download of energy from the field around you to flow through energetic pathways (Meridians) in the body/field. Once tuned in you can intentionally allow this energy to flow through you, and it will emanate from the palms of your hands, heart and eyes. This energy output has been measured, and is referred to as FIR waves or Far Inferred energy.
The very intention or act of giving someone Reiki or allowing the flow of energy through the crown Chakra (Brain), produces an effect in the heart Chakra which is amplified by the Brain and then emitted from the palms into their Bio field. These FIR waves boost the signals of the body fields and the broken lines of communication, and automatically balances the blocked energy pathways within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies thereby boosting their immune system and bringing their system back into balance and functionality again over a period of time or else bringing peace and acceptance. This energetic apparatus exists within us and waits silently and patiently, till we become willing to see or not to see our potential.
The mechanism by which Reiki – Bio energy works isn't fully established yet, and there are many clinical trials and studies proceeding with this objective in mind. When Aspirin was discovered, it took over 70 years before it was figured out and understood how it worked, even though it was known that it stopped pain at that time.

This will also be the case with Reiki or any other Bio energy therapy.

Conditions that benefit from Reiki are:
  • Aids better sleep
  • Helps boost the immune system
  • Increases energy levels
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps in the grieving process
  • Benefits chronic and acute medical conditions
  • Improve physical health
  • Encourages deep relaxation
  • Helps overcome anxiety/panic attacks

Reasons People Have Reiki Treatments

  • Depression or anxiety
  • To accelerate healing after surgery
  • To accelerate healing with orthopedic injuries
  • For pain relief
  • To pamper oneself
  • As a method of preventative care
  • Gives comfort in times of bereavement
  • Long term illness eg. arthritis, asthma and backpain
  • To help during times of major change
Be your very greatest

Mike Mannix

(Excerpt from Kikoh Reiki Shoden training manual)

References -

The Energy Healing experiments - Dr Gary Schwartz Ph.D

Kind regards

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