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Visit the Dublin Holistic Centre for Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Dublin

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

8th Feb 2013

Keeping up regular exercise during pregnancy also makes it that bit easier for mum to get back in shape after childbirth. Pregnancy can make a lot of exercise options more of a challenge than usual. Anything involving sudden or intense activity may not be safe and is likely to be very uncomfortable for expecting mothers.

Yoga is a great way for expecting mothers to stay fit, healthy and safe. As a very low intensity form of exercise it means there are no sudden movements that might cause discomfort. Specially developed pregnancy yoga techniques use postures designed to be more comfortable for the changing physiology of pregnant women. Pregnant women can take classes in pregnancy yoga at Dublin Holistic Centre.

The increased flexibility pregnancy yoga provides improves movement which pregnancy can somewhat impede. This freedom of movement enables women to fully enjoy the unique and wonderful time of their pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga also helps to improve posture. During pregnancy this minimises discomfort and prevents the back ache that can occur from carrying a baby for nine months.

These are not the only benefits to pregnancy yoga. The meditative aspect of yoga helps expecting mums to stay relaxed during what has the potential to be a stressful time. With so many changes happening, being able to clear ones mind and focus on the joy and excitement of birth can make a lot of difference. When it comes to the actual birth process itself the flexibility, relaxation and breathing techniques gained can help the process run more smoothly.

Prenatal yoga also works to improve sleep during pregnancy. Sleeping can be difficult and at a time when sleep is particularly important having a technique that can help is important. Through relaxation and limbering of muscles the length and quality of sleep can increase greatly. 

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