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The calming sensation of Reiki

Author: Maddie Ryan

7th Aug 2018

After experiencing Reiki in the past, I knew I liked it and thought I knew what to expect. But after my next appointment, I learned that every Reiki therapist does things differently and each one has their own style. 

The therapist I went to visit next was a new therapist at the Dublin Holistic Centre named Rebecca Naughton. When I was greeted by Rebecca, she invited me in to take a seat. We initially spoke about our backgrounds. Rebecca explained to me that her style is a little different as she uses healing stones and flicks her wrist to stimulate the energy in the room during a healing. 

After our conversation, it was time to begin the Reiki. I lay on the plinth with my back resting down and closed my eyes. The room light was dimmed and low, while relaxing music hummed. There were tarot cards on a table with candles lit around the room.

Rebecca hovered her hands above my body and I could immediately feel a sensation of heat. She then placed small stones on my stomach and chest where she continued to hover
above my body. Suddenly, I heard a flapping sound which was from her wrist flicking to stir the energy. Rebecca walked around the room stirring the energy and I could feel the movement.

I could feel myself falling in and out of sleep as Rebecca hovered and moved about the room. Next, she placed her hands on my feet causing a twitching in my legs. The twitching was the energy moving through and healing my body. 

When Rebecca touched my head, my entire body became heavy and I saw a few colours even though my eyes were closed.

At the end of the session, Rebecca had to tell me she was done a few times because I was half asleep and did not realize the healing was complete. She then had me move over to
the table covered in tarot cards. I picked a card and she read it to me. 

The card I chose was the Flower of Life and Rebecca said to focus on this flower during the week if I meditated. I left my Reiki appointment feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready for a good night's sleep!

I highly recommend Rebecca Naughton to anyone in need of a stress relief or refreshment for their body.

You can contact Rebecca by calling her at 086-088-2448 or emailing her at rebecca.naughton1@gmail.com

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