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The Very Relaxing Holistic Massage

Author: Maddie Ryan

18th Jul 2018

A few years ago I had a massage back home in the States, which I did not enjoy at all. So when the opportunity recently came to get another, I was quite hesitant. But through meeting Anne Kelly at the Dublin Holistic Centre, I knew this time would be a much better experience. 
The massage I picked was the Holistic Massage. The goal of a Holistic massage is to relax the body and to leave the recipient with an increased level of health and well-being. The massage aids lymphatic drainage, or in other words, gets rid of the bad stuff to make you feel better physically and mentally. 
The appointment began with Anne welcoming me with a refreshing glass of water. Since the appointment was during the heatwave, I definitely needed some water. Anne made sure to gauge my energy levels and to see how I was feeling that day. She also checked in with the more serious topics such as if I had any injuries that she should be aware of. I informed her of a foot surgery I had in the past. We were then ready to proceed with the appointment. 
Anne explained the different oils she uses during her massage and ensured me that I would be comfortably covered with a blanker on the body parts that were not getting massaged to keep my muscles warm. This made me feel more at ease because O initially felt a bit uncomfortable about the idea of undressing. 
Anne then stepped outside and allowed me enough time to get comfortable on the plinth (massage table). When she returned, Anne turned on calming music and applied oils to her hands. She began by massaging my shoulders, moved to my legs and feet, and then concluded with massaging my head (which felt amazing, to say the least). As she massaged my back, she could feel where I had tension and made sure to focus on that part. 
I asked Anne what her favorite part of being a Massage Therapist is. Her reply was that she likes to feel the connection with each individual person because everyone has a different energy, which she can feel through massage. 
I could really feel that Anne is passionate about her job and I actually was surprised that I loved my massage. When I left, I felt calm and loose as if stress inside of me had been released. The massage I got was something I really needed and I will definitely be getting a massage in the near future. 
I highly would recommend Anne to anyone I know who is looking for a Holistic Massage. Anne also provides Deep Tissue Massages, Mindfulness Meditation, and Spiritual Healing. Contact Anne Kelly by emailing her at anne@annekelly.ie or by calling 086-397-7729.

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