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Tailor Made Yoga Therapy

Author: Caroline Cunningham

25th Sep 2014

Retinal Detachment was something I had never heard of until it happened to me for first time over 20 years ago. Since then I have known a handful of people who have had the condition. It affects the nerve-layer of the back of the eyes and is crucial to have checked once the signs occur that something is not right e.g. flashes of light, sudden occurrence of large floaters, black lines in the vision or partial loss of vision.

Fortunately, advances in medical knowledge, skill and equipment have ensured that the condition is treatable and a normal life can be resumed soon after operating. Supplements containing Lutein and Bilboa are particularly good to nourish the retinas. A balanced diet is essential for overall health and particular to healthy retinas are the intake of anti-oxidants, omega-3 and zeaxanthin. Suggested sources are green tea, green vegetables (such as spinach, broccoli and kale) and plenty of fish.

Exercise is also crucial for good circulation of blood and nutrients to the eyes. I love walking and swimming and dancing. I used to also enjoy yoga. My practice diminished over the years as I discovered it was best for me to avoid many standard poses employed by yoga instructors in their classes. Because I am prone to retinal detachment I am advised by my specialist consultant to avoid exercises which encourage pressure (caused by blood flow) to my head (and also to avoid lifting or pulling heavy items). Downward dog and child’s pose were therefore off the list along with a number of other poses.

Fortunately, I have made the acquaintance of an accomplished and enthusiastic yoga instructor, Alyson Mc Evoy, at Dublin Holistic Centre (where I also work as a Reflexologist). We decided to sample each other’s therapies. I explained to Alyson about my eye condition and asked if it would be possible to design a yoga sequence which provided alternatives to the poses which cause increased blood flow to the head.

Alyson was positive about the challenge and put her thinking cap on. I was really looking forward to my individual yoga class especially designed for my needs. During that session, Alyson took me through each and every pose, explaining their physical and metaphysical purposes. The alternatives she provided for downward dog and other poses were creative, effective and fun.

I am really inspired by my new yoga program. Alyson explained that as I grow stronger in each of the poses it is possible to adapt them to make them more challenging. I was surprised to find out from her that not very many people had thought to ask for this tailor-made service to accommodate specific medical conditions they may have. For this reason I wanted to share my experience with you.

If you would like to have a tailor-made therapeutic yoga sequence designed for your specific needs I can highly recommend the services of Alyson Mc Evoy. Alyson is based in Dublin and contactable via email at alyson.mcevoy@hotmail.com

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