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Reflexology during pregnancy

Author: Aileen Scanlon

27th Jun 2014

Reflexology is an extremely beneficial holistic therapy for expectant mums and there is an added bonus - babies who have received reflexology during pregnancy are generally calmer, suckle better and are less likely to develop colic or constipation.  Happy mum equals happy baby!
Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life, but it is not without its share of ups and downs, as the body goes through a lot of physical and emotional upheavals. Thankfully Reflexology is an effective natural solution.
Reflexology promotes deep relaxation, balances the body’s energy and prepares the body for labour.  Regular Reflexology treatments during pregnancy can even help reduce the length of labour!
Maternity treatments can begin from 12 weeks onwards – a great opportunity for lots of relaxing “me time” during pregnancy!
Reflexology is beneficial for the following issues that can occur during pregnancy;
·         Anaemia
·         Anxiety
·         Backache
·         Constipation
·         Fatigue
·         Headaches
·         Heartburn
·         High blood pressure (not suitable for preeclampsia or eclampsia)
·         Insomnia
·         Morning sickness
·         Oedema (fluid retention)
If a pregnancy is overdue, Reflexology can be used to encourage the body to produce the hormone Oxytocin, which can help bring on contractions.
Reflexology can help after birth with;
·         Boosting energy levels
·         Milk production (if breast feeding)
·         Post natal depression
·         Rebalancing hormones
·         Stimulating bowel & urinary function
Aileen Scanlon is a holistic therapist.  She runs Willow Lane Holistic from the Dublin Holistic Centre, at 28 South William Street, Dublin 2.  Aileen specialises in Maternity and Fertility Reflexology.
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