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Reflexology Rivals Mexico’s Tropical Peninsula – Review by Alyson Mc Evoy

Author: Alyson McEvoy

24th Sep 2014

I have been a recipient of reflexology since I was a teenager. During exam years I went every week and treasured the time when my brain would STOP in its heightened efforts to gather, organize and remember information long since forgotten. During those hours I tingled, awoke from the inside out, and most importantly I had the space and time to feel and experience my body – When did that pain start in my neck? – My mind – All I can think about is French words, and geographical terms, and historical dates these days. When’s the last time I had some fun? – My emotions – Is that fear lurking down there in my belly, thundering and fluttering? The effect is much the same these days, though the content has changed.

Authentic Reflexology In The Sun

Authentic Reflexology In The Sun

And after the precious space for observing comes and goes, I let go into the deepest relaxation. A space of free floating awareness, untethered by concerns and worries, free to roam and wander and to bring back vitality into my life.This relaxation and revitalising space from cares and woes, rivals even ten days spent living in a sand floored, one roomed cabin by the sea on the coast of Mexico’s tropical Yucatan Peninsula! It is a momentary getaway for mind, body and emotions.

Therapist Caroline Cunningham of Authentic Reflexology

Therapist Caroline Cunningham of Authentic Reflexology

Caroline Cunningham in particular brings great sensitivity and creativity to her treatments. She is well versed in reading the language of the feet and is eager to map development and see you move forward (as feet are wont to do). I found it really interesting to ‘see’ my feet through the eyes of a reflexologist, when I looked at the foot chart she had created during my treatment. It brought about renewed respect for my feet as a microcosm of my entire body.

Reflexology is a wonderful antidote to stress and to slow down the impetus of the body to ‘keep going’ despite tiredness and strain. Treat your soles to some sooooul!

By Alyson Mc Evoy

Thank You to Alyson for her excellent review of both reflexology and my work. Would you like to share your experience of reflexology with others, especially if you have been a client of Authentic Reflexology, I invite you to comment below or email your review to authenticreflexology@gmail.com for inclusion on future reports. You also are most welcome to add to the review section of Authentic Reflexology’s facebook page. Many thanks in advance. Have fun everyone.

Caroline Cunningham (Therapist and Owner) of Authentic Reflexology, provides treatments in Dublin 2 and Carlow, Ireland. Seehttp://www.authenticreflexology.com for further details.

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