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Providing Counselling in Dublin 2

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

14th May 2013

Classes such as yoga and Pilates work to strengthen the body, making muscles supple and joints flexible. Many different types of meditation can provide calm and serenity for practitioners. For those looking to focus on psychological wellbeing a variety of different counselling therapies are available.


In general terms counselling involves a one to one session with a trained therapist who will work with the client to help them resolve issues that may be affecting their life such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief and many other issues. The particular method of counselling employed will depend on the training of the therapist. They may have a focus on a particular type of therapeutic style such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) but are likely to use a combination of techniques along with their professional experience to provide the best results.


Psychotherapy is a particular type of therapy that commonly works to uncover underlying issues that may be causing surface symptoms. This may mean looking at issues in a client’s history that are affecting the way they cope with life in the present.

Couples Counselling

Specially trained therapists can help to facilitate communication for couples that are facing relationship difficulties. They can also provide an objective view point and help couples to pick up on and observe the sources of conflict or miscommunication in the relationship.

Cancer Counselling

Dublin Holistic Centre provides counselling therapy with a special focus on the difficulties that arise for patients as well as their friends and families with a cancer diagnosis. During what will undoubtedly be a very challenging time in a person’s life, having access to focused and effective therapy aids the coping process and helps patients to focus on the treatment process.

Dublin Holistic Centre provides several other types of talking therapy including life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, stress management and hypnotherapy from their location in Dublin 2.

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