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Pilates Classes at the Dublin Holistic Centre

Author: Dublin Holistic Centre

12th Oct 2012

The Dublin Holistic centre offers frequent Pilates classes throughout the day at their fully equipped studios conveniently located right in Dublin’s city centre. There are evening and early morning classes as well as lunchtime classes available at a reduced price with the Lunchtime Pilates deal.

Pilates is a great way to stay in shape while at the same time developing balance, coordination, concentration and flexibility.

Joseph Pilates originally developed the system as a means to strengthen the body and the mind. His approach was founded on the belief that the health of the mind and the health of the body are interconnected.

Over the years many different variations on the method have been developed including Yogalates which as its name suggests is a combination of Yoga and Pilates. Yogalates classes are also available at the Dublin Holistic Centre as are classes in other special variants designed for pregnancy.

Concentrating on the core muscles around the abdomen and the spine, the method results in improved posture and balance. These factors make it especially popular amongst dancers.

As a low intensity form of exercise it does not put undue pressure on joints and ligaments. This makes it an ideal form of exercise for older people looking to stay in shape without having to worry about injury. People who have suffered an injury and want to stay in shape during the recovery period may also find it to be a suitable option. Of course, in these circumstances it is always best to check with a physician if you are in an appropriate condition to take part in any activity.

It is important to remember that Pilates is not just about strengthening the body but also the mind. People who have difficulty concentrating in work, are suffering from stress or simply want to develop their mental focus will all benefit from Pilates.

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